Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 8

The Great Brain Robbery

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Mar 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • There's nothing like taking the tense confrontation between the League and the Legion and finding a way to give the audience a few laughs at the expense of both sides. You'll love this one.

    It's one of the oldest situation comedy story lines - a case of mistaken or in this case misplaced identity. They pulled the whole thing off reaaly well leaving few loose ends or after thoughts. Even though we all knew how this one would end (Luthor and Flash would both return to their rightful bodies), it still had enough of its own unique twists and turns to keep it fresh. It was great to see both the Red T and Mr. T get into action along with Dr. Light, Steel and Ice. This episode also marked the first appearance of Dr. Fate in season 5. I've always enjoyed his contributions to League episodes and this one was no exception. The only criticism I have for this episode other than the overused story line is the lack of any meaningful dialogue. We once again learn that Luthor is obsessed with finding Braniac - nothing new here. There is a real "hate triangle" between Grodd, Luthor and Flash - yeah, we know that. So where is this season's story arc going? Unlike the "Cadmus saga" which gradually revealed itself starting in season 3 and then ramped up to a thunderous conclusion in season 4, this Legion of Doom thing just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. There have been some nice action sequences between the League and the Legion but I'm not feeling any sort of crescendo in this concert of stories. Maybe I just need to be patient. The good news is that this episode along with most of season 5 has been just great.

    Thank you JLU!