Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 24

The Savage Time (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Nov 09, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • My favorite episodes (Total of three based off this one)!

    After this episode, two others continue off this one. It is by far my favorite episodes. The Justice League goes back in time to fix history. Apparently World War II was not won by the Allies in this alternate reality world they went in, and a new fureur has taken the place of Adolf. Its up to the Justice League and the Allies to make it right. This flux in time gave the Axis powers to more modern technologies over the Allies, and it appears grim. You have to watch to find out more.

    Overall the animation is good, not great, but they do have amazingly done aircraft battles in the sky. Sound quality is good, and the plot is really cool. Very rare to see a cartoon even have a World War in it, withAxis powers in it especially. Great episodes. A must see for this series.
  • When the present is altered, the Justice League must travel back in time to World War II to restore history.

    The first season of Justice League ended on a high note with the three-part episode “The Savage Time”. It’s positively the best episode of the first season. The first part starts up promisingly as the League returns from a space mission to seeing the Watchtower mysteriously disappear. Upon discovering that someone has tampered with time, the League travels back in time to World War II to restore history. The story flows smoothly. There are plenty of action and some surprises. The animation and voice work are very good. One of the aspects that I first noticed was the backgrounds including the alternate-reality Metropolis. The animation crew has really pulled through in the making of “The Savage Time”. Batman as the leader of a resistance was a nice treat. Flash’s wise-cracks never cease to amuse me. The character of Steve Trevor is well presented as a potential love interest for Wonder Woman. The episode ends with good cliffhanger as Green Lantern is trapped and powerless behind enemy lines.
  • A fantastic start to this story arc!

    This episode kicks off a three part story arc with the Justice League, returning from a deep space mission, suddenly buffeted by a mysterious wave of energy just as they are going to dock at their Watchtower HQ. When the energy dissipates, the Watchtower has vanished and the Earth they knew had been replaced by a totalitarian regime ruled by Vandal Savage. Quickly coming to the conclusion that Vandal has tampered with the events of World War II via time travel, the League quickly takes control of the machine Vandal used and journey back to WW II to set things right.

    I really enjoyed this episode as it shows the Justice League at its best: faced with situation that would prove greatly unsettling to most, the group quickly figures out their next step without endless debate. There are scenes that show there are real emotional ties forming between some of the League members. I was also happy to see the homage paid to Wonder Woman's past with the introduction of a WW II Steve Trevor, a fairly major supporting character for the heroine in 60's and 70's version of her comic.

    A great start to this story arc!
  • The Savage Premiere

    It's a little difficult to review a "third" of an episode when you see it in feature-length version, but let's give it a try. While time-travel stories rarely make much sense (see Analysis - at least until we get a better grasp of temporal physics), the opening ep. 1 is deeply compelling. Mainly because of Batman and the brief view we get of the "new" present with Batman leading a ragtag underground army in a bit resembling Jimmy Olsen leading the underground in the animated Superman episode "Brave New Metropolis." A lot of the imagery used there is seen here as well, although the Nazi/Metropolis ambience is a lot more clearly sourced here.

    We could have used a whole episode set in this "alternate future", but the episode switches to WW2 and we get what will be the first in a series of battle sequences. Nice pacing - we see that the League has trouble with a single War Wheel, an ominous and well-designed (or redesigned from the comic book version) vehicle of destruction. And then we get...an army of them rolling in.

    All of the Leaguers get equal time here and to round out the "season" we see that they've really meshed as a team. J'onn's departure is a little abrupt, but we don't see the squabbles of "War World" and "Brave and the Bold" or someone like Batman throwing a snit ("Injustice for All"). There's also no guest star to usurp the audience's attention. Overall, an excellent episode.