Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 26

The Savage Time (3)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Nov 09, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • Savage Operation

    More War Wheels, big Bombers, huge explosions, and the U.S. military triumphant with the Justice League lending a hand. Everyone gets more to do (J'onn even does his density-increasing trick) although Superman still seems kinda seems wussy. Hawkgirl makes up for it. And GL shows why he's a hero even without a ring. One gripe is that the ending bears a strong resemblence to the end of "Fury" - big plane goes down, villain (apparently) drowns. That's nice - thanks for playing. Generally this is a big entertaining finish to the season and a bookend to the movie-premiere.
  • The Justice League must stop Vandal Savage’s forces from invading America.

    The Justice League must stop Vandal Savage’s forces from invading America. “The Savage Time” is the best of what the first season has to offer. Despite a few minor flaws, there is plenty of excitement. The story holds up quite nicely. There are some great moments especially near the end. Green Lantern proving himself to Easy Company. Flash warning the U.S. Navy of Savage’s invasion. The hug between Superman and Batman was pretty funny. The episode also reveals a brief hint of the upcoming Green Lantern/Hawkgirl relationship. The animation, music score and voice acting was well done. The regular voice cast has really come out on top in this episode. The third part delivers some great action. The big climatic battle with the Justice League battling Vandal’s massive aerial fleet was very entertaining. The ending was quite memorable as Wonder Woman pays a warm visit to now elderly Steve Trevor in the restored present. After “The Savage Time”, you just can’t wait for what’s in stored for Justice League in the second season.
  • a great conclusion to a great story

    this episode and the others in this story arc are some of the best written in the series. on the way back from space the justice league find themselves in a new world where the allies lost WW2 and the world is under the control of a mad dictator. the story is non stop drama from the beginning. first we find an alternate batman which shows his parents had been killed for standing against the regime. when the opportunity arises to go back and fix things the look on supermans face when he sees the hope of batman that his parents will survive as superman must try and not reveal that they will still lose there lives. the team goes back to the past and teams with the allies to go after the immortal vandal savage and set right the future. a now drained green lantern joins a squad of soldiers. these episodes are very dramatic and amazingly well written.
  • The finale of this story arc...very solid!

    In this, the conclusion to the Savage Time story, the goals of the League and Vandal Savage finally collide in scenes that are truly phenomenal to watch. I'm a fan of aerial scenes, in addiction to the normal action one associates with the show, so when they show the League members engaging the aerial fleet commanded by Vandal Savage, it was really enjoyable for me to watch. I know some might point out that some of these scenes are very similar to scenes in the ' Secret Origins ' episodes but I find them engaging regardless.

    The only weak point that I thought was glaring concerned John Stewart's character. The way in which he, and the group of GI's he's with, happen to stumble upon the airfield that is about to launch Vandal's air armada is a bit weak.

    Overall, though, a solid conclusion of this story arc. Lots of action with some sweet scenes depicted near the end. In addition, we see the groundwork laid for the Green Lantern/Hawkgirl romance. Well done!