Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 15

The Terror Beyond (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Nov 15, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Finally the creations of HP Lovecraft reach out with their tentacles towards the Justice League. Aquaman, Doc Fate and Solomon Grundy fight to keep the sanity and safety of their world - against the JLU, against time ... and against Cthulhu.

    This is the first (and up to now only) episode of the JLU series, that refers to the "Old Ones" - a race of gods created by HP Lovecraft.
    Referenes like these are usually made in the Batman series so I've been fairly surprised as I saw the episode for the first time.
    The bad thing is: the only TRUE reference towards HPL is the title.
    Everything else is either spelled wrong (like "Cthulhu"), wrong references are made (Cthulhu is a BIG OLD ONE, here he seems to be a OLDER GOD), the language Fate uses clearly is everything but the MYTHOS language ... and why didn't anyone come up with the idea to ask Bats or Etrigan for help?
    Both are familiar with the the Big Old Ones.

    But just mentioning Lovecraft's worth 9.5 *g* ... and it's obvious that they at least tried ...
  • Its a three-way super-brawl!

    Admitidly this episode was a little slow in parts, not to mention odd (Why were the soldiers after grundy?) But the fight really makes up for it later, and the story of Grundy's origin is very interesting too.
    Superman really gets to shine here, taking down Grundy AND Aquaman almost singlehandedly (How did he break out of Grundy's hold anyway?) Wonder woman and hawkgirl also get to show off their fighting prowess, giving this episode true quality over quantity.