Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 4

To Another Shore

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 24, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Green Arrow uses his bow to slide down a cable, kicks a flunky, and then jumps off the cable, bow still in hand, the bowstring unbroken and everything. How?

    • Wonder Woman states that J'onn has not been off the Watchtower for nearly two years. But he was present at the battle with Brainac and Luthor as well as at the following press conference.

    • Faraday talks about firing "Trident missiles" at the enemy sub. He's in a sub. Tridents are ballistic missiles which are fired from subs into the air - you don't fire them at another sub a relatively short distance away.

    • Wonder Woman mentions she can use her Lasso of Truth to get the villains to talk...but at no time is the Lasso visible or there's any other indication she has it with her.

    • Why are Bizarro, Star Sapphire, and the Key at Grodd's briefing? They don't go on the mission. And if you wanted someone to hang around to get their input, would you really pick...Bizarro?

    • You see it a lot in such shows, but in the initial monitoring screen, who is filming all the League missions? For instance, Black Canary is literally jogging along and the camera is constantly on her from one position. Does she have a cameraman who jogs along with her?

  • Quotes

    • Henchman: What are you doing in here?
      Green Arrow: (knocks him out) Well for one thing, it's freezing outside.

    • King Faraday: While I strongly suggest you surrender immediately and prepare to be boarded, I really enjoy firing Trident missiles at tiny little subs so the decision is entirely up to you.

    • Killer Frost: (to J'onn) Let me go, freak! Or so help me I'll give you frostbite in places you didn't even know you had places!

    • Killer Frost: Cheater! You're cheating...

    • Wonder Woman: You don't actually like humanity all that much, do you.
      J'onn: I don't...dislike them.

    • Wonder Woman: Mr. Terrific can fill in. He's smart enough to do monitor duty and the Sunday Times crossword puzzle at the same time.
      Mr. Terrific: Go ahead, J'onn - I'm already finished with the crossword.
      Green Arrow: You did it in ink again, didn't you?

    • Wonder Woman: It's the first thing (Hippolyta's) asked me to do since we've mended fences. I'd rather take another day trip to Tartarus.

    • Green Arrow: Way to go, man - save the planet.
      Wonder Woman: More like save my relationship with my mother.

    • J'onn: You've done well.
      Killer Frost: Kiss my frosty butt.

    • Green Arrow: And Black Canary said a buzzsaw arrow was self-indulgent.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Poem
      The poem Wonder Woman reads at the end is The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner by Samuel Talyor Coleridge.

    • Wonder Woman's Transformation
      At one point Wonder Woman spins in place and her clothing transforms from her formal outfit to her costume. This is a nod to the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series, where she would routinely do the same thing to change into costume.

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