Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 2

Twilight (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 05, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Superman is...well, super

    Part 2 remains Superman-centered, although Hawkgirl gets a few good moments sending Darkseid flying with a surprise attack and cutting loose Wolverine-style on the Brainiac robots. Superman beats up Darkseid, there's a lot of emphasis on his backstory (when he was brainwashed into conquering Earth), and his feelings for revenge pretty much drive the story.

    If there's a problem with the story, it's that the focus is too much on Superman. For one thing, both Brainiac and Darkseid are Superman villains and the fight is over Superman - as in last year's "War World" the rest of the JL doesn't seem to have much to do. That's not necessarily a bad thing, given how Superman was diminished last year. Still, there's room for more of Supe's fellow Justice Leaguers.

    Also, New Genesis gets shortchanged here - the Orion/Darkseid thing goes by pretty quick and Mr. Miracle and Forever People are reduced to cameos. This episode might have benefited from a third part - it doesn't look like we'll be seeing the New Gods again this season so a little more detail would have been nice. The bit with the whole Forager/bug/underclass thing seems abruptly tacked on and only barely connects at the end with the idea of orphans brought up 40 minutes earlier (if you get to watch both parts back-to-back).

    In fact, part 2 tends to lose the epic feel and seeing the money spent up on screen - we only really get stalwarts Corey Burton and Michael Ironside. Most of the battle takes place in a big room with Brainiac robot-clones. It's just not quite as impressive as part 1.

    It also seems as if Superman is...well, kinda brutal here - not particularly heroic. This gives us a major epic battle, but he never really overcomes his rage and it takes Batman to pull him off - at the end Superman still feels he was "right," presumably. Sure, Darkseid's a threat, has killed millions, and will undoubtedly show up again down the road. But he basically brought Superman down to his level here, and Superman doesn't seem to have realized it. File this one under "unresolved issues" - hopefully they'll cover this in the future, since Darkseid may or may not be showing up later in the season.

    Overall, part 2 just managed to retain the strengths of part 1, and it's generally satisfactory, but it is somewhat of a letdown from part 1.
  • With the help of Orion, the Justice League must battle both the evil warlord Darkseid and the supercomputer Brainiac.

    With the help of Orion, the Justice League must battle both the evil warlord Darkseid and the supercomputer Brainiac. When the promo of “Twilight” first appeared on Cartoon Network, I was quite excited. You couldn’t ask for a better starting episode for the second season of “Justice League”. Without a doubt, “Twilight” is one of the best episodes of the season and a personal favorite. It’s an exciting continuity of the events of ‘Legacy”. The episode features a well structured storyline, sharp dialogue, a great ending and appearances of Orion, Light Ray, High Father and the New Gods. The biggest surprise was Superman. Though fans criticized Superman in the first season, they will be pleasantly satisfied with his new aggressive attitude. Not only is he packing some serious muscle but he also carries quite a backbone. He is no more the textbook boy scout. George Newburn’s voice work in “Twilight” is outstanding. It was also nice to see Hawkgirl get some character development. The action scenes were truly great. The climatic battle between Darkseid and Superman was the big highlight of the episode. The animation and backgrounds were excellent.
  • A team-up of my two of my favorite comic book villains.

    Darkseid is my favorite comic book villain, not just because of his aspects, attitude, powers and temper, but also because of the anturage, let's say. Brainiac is the first villain ever introduces in the new Superman series, so he really should have been on the series.
    Anyway, the episode was really nice because it not only showed a team-up of my 2 favorite villains but it had two twists: Brainiac being Darkseid's ally and Darkseid getting his own way as usual.
    This episode is also important for character developement, because New Genesis is destroyed and Darkseid is left to his appparent death.
    The action is nice, the battle with the 100 Brainiacs being rather nicely done. All in all, a good episode that is a must see, especailly because it will have future importance.
  • Not as good as part one...

    ... but just as good. This episode took off where part one left off. The episode was great with great animation and clear plot points.

    The tention between Batman and Superman went a little farther this time and it remided me of World's Finest Part One or two (I own the video, never saw the ep live) where Bruce Threw Superman, and this time, Superman hit Batman.

    This episode was also a clever way to begins the series with a two parter, because for once in the series we get a climactic ending where the main villans die off, most times you never get the chance to kill of the stars of the episode, so thank cartoon network for letting that get past.

    Great installment and defined the rest of the series.
  • Superman is taken captive by Braniac, who has formed an alliance with the treacherous Darkseid. The League works to save Superman and New Genesis from this deadly alliance.

    I thought that this was a real pivotal part in the Superman/Darkseid struggle. I was half-shocked and half-expecting Braniac and Darkseid to be working together, really. My only regret (and probably Superman\'s as well) was that Superman didn\'t get to finish off Darkseid with his bare hands.I guess in the end, he really did have the last laugh.
    I\'m glad that the League got rid of Braniac, though; this may be the last time that we see him (I hope). Darkseid is undoubtedly one of the greatest villains in the DC Universe! So, all in all, a good episode.
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