Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 21

Wild Cards (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Dec 06, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Batman discovers too late that Joker has bought TV time in Vegas. Joker reveals he has hidden a bomb somewhere on The Strip which will detonate in 24:51 (what'd you expect from him, a round number?). But Joker has a back-up plan: the Royal Flush gang.

    Great writing places Joker as one of the deadliest villains around - not just for Batman, but in general. The story takes place mostly from the Joker's twisted narrative, which is comically fitting for the cartoon medium - and pretty funny at times, too. It's also about as close to Joker's psychopathic tendencies as one can get in Saturday morning television. The Joker has always been watered down in cartoon depictions because we obviously can't have him killing and torturing mercilessly while kids are scarfing down their Froot Loops, but you get the obvious feeling - especially as the episode progresses and Ace has not yet been revealed - that the Clown Prince has a definite, errr, "ace" up his sleeve. The episode's a well written, comic mystery which can succeed in comic books as well as it does for kids TV.
  • This episode is utterly insane, being narrated the entire time by the psychopathic Joker, with a clock constantly ticking away. And I freaking love it!

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. Everything about it is totally amazing, from Mark Hamill\'s voice acting to Joker\'s hilarious yet terrifying lines to the 24-style intensity of a clock constantly ticking.

    I\'ll start with the story. At first, it appears to be quite simple. There\'s a bomb in Las Vegas and it will go off in 22:50 unless the Justice League stops it. By about the 18-minute mark, Batman disarms the bomb. But then we get the first of the two twists. There are 25 other bombs in the city, some real and some fake. The ticking clock adds a greater level of intensity, something perfect for someone like me who watches 24 religiously. The Royal Flush Gang is also a nice added touch.

    Onto the voice acting, and what can I say except that Mark Hamill is truly horrifying and hilarious at the same time as Joker. I utterly love it. His constant narration is hilarious, as is his punch lines. I about died laughing when he called Superman the \"big blue buffoon\". Another funny example is when he talks about how GL discovers that the bomb underwater is a fake. He says, \"I was hoping someone would drown trying to disarm it. C\'est la vie.\" The JL themselves are good, though there is nothing that totally stands out to me. It was a nice touch to have the Gang voiced by the Teen Titans, but Scott Menville did not match King at all. And don\'t forget the lady who just wants the darn slot machine to finally pay off.

    Even though this episode is mainly funny, it still manages to throw quite a curveball for a cliffhanger, with one of the bombs going off and GL being seriously hurt. It was an unexpected ending, and provided a great setup for Part Two. And with that, I conclude the review of Part One and move on to Part Two.
  • With the Joker taking control of Las Vegas for his own twisted purposes,The League tries to disarm hidden bombsin the City while holding off the attacks of The Royal Flush Gang.

    With this episode of Justice League,you have not only the return of the Clown Prince of Crime,but you have an action packed "Introduction" of the Royal Flush Gang(voiced as an injoke by the cast of Teen Titans) and the possible start of Green Lantern and Hawkgirl's relationship...

    The episode begins with Batman discovering a large amount of airtime bought by the Joker in Las Vegas,who begins to televise the "Death of the Justice League".He's placed a number of bombs in the City and only a small amount of time to find them and save the city.Ofcourse he can't take on the League himself,so he reveals the Royal Flush Gang.The quintet of superpower youths are a even match for our heroes(including some hard hits by Ten towards Superman).

    If you're familiar with Batman Beyond's Royal Flush gang,they you'll be happy to see the Gang's "Origins",as explained by Joker...And on the subject,Mark Hamill does another great turn as the J-Man here.However since he doesn't directly fight anyone until the 2nd Part,he's actually seems alittle downplayed.Without ruining anything else,the Joker's REAL plan later in the episode is pretty twisted...and in anice touch,we have a character "de-masked" at the end which adds a big happy end to a no holds bar episode.

    One of the more entertaining highlights of the Second Season of Justice League.
  • Wild.

    This episode was a great episode and one of my personal favorite from season two. this episode also marked the last appearance of the Joker in the DCAU.

    The debute of the royal flush gang in this timeline is a higlight of the episode and one of the reasons to watch it.

    It was genius putting the TT crew in to voice all the members of the Royal Flush Gang, they where ment to play them.

    This episode had it all, great plot, awesome animation, and some nice humor and drama.

    I would give This episode a great score and for making me laugh.
  • Joker is a genius!!!!

    I have to say this is the best episode of Justice League that isn't Unlimited. Okay the episode is about Joker in Las Vegas scattering 25 bombs, one real while rest are fake in the city and the Justice League has to find the real bomb and destroy it. Of course the Joker is funny as always and i'm quite happy to see Harley Quinn in this episode as well. Joker has always been my most favourite villain and this episode shown more his evil.

    And i got to say the Royal Flush Gang are a great addition to the show. At least now i know where the gang from Batman Beyond come from. Also its great to know that the 5 original cast of Teen Titans guest starred in this episode as the Royal Flush Gang.

    And i got to say this is the greatest plan that the Joker come up with. Hope he come up with more brilliant ideas.
  • The Joker has planted 25 bombs all around Las Vegas. The Justice League are the only ones able to disarm them, but they'll have to get through the Royal Flush Gang.

    The episode begins with Batman trying to delay a program from airing on TV. The program was one owned by the Joker. He gets them to cut the feed, but the Joker had bought air time on other channels.

    The Joker announces that he has planted a bomb in Las Vegas, and demands that the Justice League are the ones to try and stop it.

    When the Justice League gets there (minus Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman)they attempt to disarm the bomb, but the Joker has a card up is sleeve, five of them actually.

    They call themselves the Royal Flush Gang. Ten feels no pain (played by Khary Payton who also plays Cyborg on Teen Titans.) Jack (played by Greg Cipes who plays Beastboy) is able to stretch is body. King (played by Scott Menville who plays Robin) can produce fire. Queen (played by Tara Strong who plays Raven) can manipulate metal. The final member is Ace (played by Hynden Walch who plays Starfire) is not present with the rest of them. (More info on her powers later.)

    The Joker broke out these teens from a government facility and took them under his wing. They are loyal to him.

    So, the bomb turns out to be a fake, and the Royal Flush Gang flees.

    Superman discovers that there are really 25 bombs. The five League members split up to disarm them.

    Batman is pitted against Jack, Superman against Ten, and Green Lantern and Hawkgirl are against Queen.

    Meanwhile the Joker is trying to entertain all of his viewers by running this whole reality show. He has cameras on all of his Royal Flush
    Gang members. So, everyone can see the fight.

    Once Green Lantern and Hawkgirl defeat Queen, they begin to dismantle the bomb at that casino. The Joker evilly decides to set that off bomb early. Green Lantern uses his ring to push Hawkgirl out of the way.

    The episode ends with Hawkgirl safe, and looking up at the exlpoded casino that her and Green Lantern were just in. The last thing she screams is "John!", after she realizes that he is still inside.
  • This episode is like a left jab that leads to the match ending right cross.

    Time for the one thief to make a good review. This episode lives and dies on the voice talents of Mark Hamill as the Joker. The opener invelopes you with Batman trying to stop the transmission only to be too late as the broadcast begins. A very good play on words with Quinplay entertainment, get it? This leads to a couple of Joker style twists on the tride hidden bomb tacit that never gets old. Then we are introduced to the Royal Flush Gang, who you'll remember from such shows as Batman Beyond and... well, that's it. It's another cool twist to have the noticable voices of the Teen Titans as the gang. The fight scenes between the League and the RFG where spot on and nonstop, the only problem was how they got around town so easy, it is Vagas. The action leads all the way up beautifully to a heart stopping ending with GL saving Hawkgirl from becoming fried chicken. All with a nonstop play by play and color commentary by the Joker.

    This was a great opener even though it was to a two part episode. Highly recommended. (Mark Hamill for Batman 6!)
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