Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 22

Wild Cards (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Dec 06, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • A continuation of "Wild Card part 1." The Justice League is still trying to disarm all of the 25 bombs and deafeat the Royal Flush Gang. However the Joker has yet another trick up his sleeve.

    The episode starts up with Hawkgirl searching the rubble of the blown up casino, looking for Green Lantern. She finds his without a pulse. She uses her mace to shock him. That starts his heart up again and he is okay.

    Superman is still fighting Ten, which is kind of ridiculous. Superman finally punches him half-way across town. Now he can disarm the bomb, after wasting five minutes fighting Ten. Why didn't he just do that in the first place?

    Hawkgirl leaves with Green Lantern, telling Batman that he needs medical attention.

    The funniest lines in this episode are given to the Joker. That is what makes this episode great. The Joker is one of the funniset and clever villians in this series.

    Flash is the one to find the last bomb. He begins to disarm it, but is attacked by King. "You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?," King says. Flash responds with something like, "Well, yeah, I did." Flash seems to win the battle, until Ten shows up. Together, King and Ten beat up the Flash.

    Superman comes to the Flash's aid. He tells them that they must be as crazy as the Joker. For, if they try to beat Superman, they will die in the explosion.

    King gets smart and leaves. Ten taunts him, and is met with a blow from Superman. Flash regains conscienceness, and tries to disarm the bomb.

    The Joker plays with his mind and the Flash runs off with the bomb. This puzzeles everyone, until they realize that the Flash has taken the bomb and thrown it somewhere else.

    The Joker applauds the Justice League for foiling his bomb plot. He tells the viewers that there are about 60-70 million people watching his program right now and that was the point all along. To get as many people watching. Now they will all be witness to his greatest joke ever.

    The Joker spins Ace around. Ace's powers are that she can make someone go insane just by looking at them. Joker is imune to all of this because he is already crazy.

    So, now everyone watching is going insane, including Flash and Superman. The writers of this episode even try and make the real viewer think they are going crazy. They do this by putting a mouse-like human walking in the background in one scene.

    Batman finds the Joker, but falls victim to Ace's mind control. This allows Joker to give Batman a major beating.

    However, Batman pulls out the headband that controls Ace's powers from the Joker's jacket.
    Once Batman does this, Ace is mad that the Joker would keep that.She walks over to confront him and uses her powers to make Joker go into an insane catatonic state.

    Meanwhile, at the watch tower, Green Lantern is in the medical bay and is being treated by Hawkgirl. He wakes up and says that they have to talk. He says that she knows how he feels about her and that he knows she feels the same way. Hawkgirl sits down and says that they are too different and that they can't be worried about each other in a battle if they had a relationship.

    Hawkgirl sighs and says, "Just look at us." Green Lantern says that he sees a man and a woman. That's when he goes to take her mask off. She hesitates, but lets him. That is when they kiss and how the episode ends.