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Tuesday 10:00 PM on FX Premiered Mar 16, 2010 In Season



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AIRED ON 2/24/2015

Season 6 : Episode 6

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Season 6 : Episode 7

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U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is a modern day 19th century-style lawman, who enforces his brand of justice to put a target on his back with criminals and puts him at odds with his bosses in the Marshal service. As a result, he gets reassigned to the U.S. District covering the town where he grew up.

Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant

U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens

Nick Searcy

Nick Searcy

Chief Deputy Art Mullen

Joelle Carter

Joelle Carter

Ava Crowder

Jacob Pitts

Jacob Pitts

Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson

Erica Tazel

Erica Tazel

Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks

Walton Goggins

Walton Goggins

Boyd Crowder

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    Together Raylan and Boyd wipe out the real evil ones - Boyd recovers whatever money they find. He and Ava disappear in Mexico. Raylan retires to Florida with his daughter and wife. How this happens is up to the writers... Perfect for us fans and the three "Hollow" semi-friends...

    We've been fans of this program since the beginning - through all the different comings and goings of "The Hollow" people. The most honest and straight "as it is" in those neck of the woods I've ever witnessed. The most startling was when Ma drank the "special brew". Saw Ma move on to other programs - hope that all these great characters find similar acting careers. We really hate to see the end - it's like nearing the end of a book you can't put down - give this a decent burial. Raylan, Boyd and Ava in their own way deserve to live on.moreless
  • Damn, this show is good.

    Justified is my favorite show. It's got some of the best dialogue and characters I've ever seen. The acting is top notch with everyone, obviously. It's also adapted from the great Elmore Leonard's short story, at least the pilot is. Nothing I say is gonna do it justice I feel, because I suck at reviewing stuff. But it's a great show and if you're not watching it, you're really missing out. That said, even though many people felt that the fifth season wasn't very good for various reasons, it perfectly set up the final season which is going to be absolutely crazy and amazing. And as a final note in this bad review, Boyd Crowder is one of, if not the the, best character I've ever seen on television.moreless
  • Ready for an epic finale

    This is why all shows need to plan their own ending. Just like Breaking Bad. This last season I think will be epic. Raylan and Boyd have eliminated any and all opposition in Harlan County. So the final season will be exactly what it should be: Raylan vs. Boyd. Two men enter. One man leaves.

    Can freaking wait.
  • Cussing

    Big fan, but taking the Lord's name in vain, not so much. I know Elmore Leonard used colorful language, but can you please make this one change? Thank you. The worst for dishonoring God's name: Season 4, Disc 2.
  • Shoot first, ask questions only if they survive

    Justified is very easy to watch and get invested in as all the cast do an amazing job of portraying their characters. The stories are always interesting and have very real consequences for the characters. Timothy Olyphant is absolutely brilliant as Raylan Givens, and Givens is such a cowboy badass, you root for him all the way.

    Justified "Alive Day" Review: A Bad Day for the Bad Guys

    A twisty ending was punctuated by ruthless lowlifes doing what they do best: backstabbing and lying.


    Justified "Sounding" Review: A Cool Cucumber in a Hot Pickle

    The pressure is getting to Ava, and she's making bad decisions. Isn't this fun?

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