Season 2 Episode 6

Blaze of Glory

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2011 on FX

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  • Another great instalment...

    Usually I get a little jaded when a long-arc series gives us a standalone episode (eg Fringe) and I watch it grudgingly hoping for a snippet of plot at the end perhaps. Standalone episodes usually don't fit well such series because the plotline is usually so major that a standalone episodes trivialise the whole essence of the show.

    And then Justified comes along and breaks the mould... it's so superbly written and played that this episode hangs beautifully with the rest of the season's masterpieces. Last week's show was just so good, I was left thinking how can they top it. This didn't quite do that, but it did offer a superb alternate bit of light relief AND strengthened an existing plotline which clearly will lead to further exploration (i.e. the Winona/Raylan/Estranged Hubbie triangle).

    This episode had a chance to twist and turn in it's own right, with the old-timer's double plays working well. And the fact that Art Mullen and Raylan both second guessed him was great. But best of all was the poignant yet hilarious "chase" scent with Art and the Old Timer. I half expected Art to let him go and was thinking at the same time "no, don't do it!". Super stuff.

    I think we'll be back on track with the main plot next week, but hats off to the team for making such an episode to not fail following the incredibly powerful showing of last week.
  • Old Dogs and Bank Robbers

    Boyd is interrogated about the explosion at the mine in which his "cohorts" were blown up and Ava backs up his story since he said that he was in fear of his life (which is sorta true). Still a mystery as to what Ava asked him but my money is on he asked her to marry him so that she couldn't testify against him or it could be something else entirely. Winona confiscated a 100 dollar bill from the evidence room and takes it to a bank to find out if it's real or not but the bank gets held up by an elderly career criminal and some young bucks who take the bill from Winona and it could be traced back to her since the Marshals scan all bills before entering it into evidence. The oldo gives up the two young bucks in a scheme he hatches and Art figures out his plan chases him hilariously a total of fifteen paces in one of the funniest yet serious races I've ever seen. Raylan ultimately takes down the two young bucks and recounts the money and hides her mistake for her. I really liked this episode, sure no Bennetts but we got some more Boyd, a little more into Winona/Raylan, but what's most interesting is Art getting his own section of the episode as well as Winona who is supposedly so far in debt that she pre-considers taking the money out of evidence.
  • I do not like Winona.

    I won't comment further about the side story involving Winona and her theft of money from the courthouse evidence room.

    The episode had a great beginning, with Boyd, cool and confident, as always, testifying about his part in the mine's money room robbery. It was made even better, with the appearance of Ava, who was also called in to testify. It's looking like Boyd and Ava might get together; if they do, it's gonna be dynamite.

    Raylan's investigation into a bank robbery, headed up by a veteran robber, would have been routine - if not for the ending. The scene where Art chases the old robber, holding his oxygen tank, and barely lifting his feet, is simply priceless.
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