Season 2 Episode 9

Brothers Keeper

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2011 on FX

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  • Just look at that picture - it is clear that Boyd loves Ava - I just hope it's mutual.

    What we saw in this episode is that Boyd has changed only in that he has become much calmer and extremely shrewd. He know knows how to achieve those things he wants - and that definitely includes Ava.

    And as we knew would happen - McCready's daughter learns that he is dead - brutally murdered by the Bennetts. This is the excuse good ol' Coover needs to get rid of the person he feels has stolen his Momma's affections from him. We know Raylan will come to the rescue and someone is going to die.

    And I'm going to miss the coal company lady - guess she wasn't Dixie Mafia after all.
  • Fast paced, character building, brilliant.

    First of all, I'm a long, long time reader of tv.com, and have never reviewed a show or episode. I'm horrified at the ratings this show gets on this site, and I think that says a lot about the people that use the site. Anyway, Justified was very good in the first season, but this season, wow, just, wow. It keeps getting better and better. The acting is top draw. Walton Goggins and Martindale are both terrifying and unpredictable. I was even impressed by Coover in this episode as those descriptions could easily be applied to him, he was wreckless and stupid and it sent the episode to a dramatic climax as he uncontrollably spiralled from mistake to mistake.

    The interactions between characters are brilliant, subtle mannerisms, underlying motives, sauve diaglog. Mags and Raylan, Raylan and Boyd, Mags and Boyd, Dickie and Raylan. The only great character missing was Art. There is so much to work with in this show and it's disappointing so few people watch it.

    This episode brought the Bennetts to the front, and a few aspects of the story were resolved, but other avenues have opened wide up for the tail end of the season. I watch a lot of tv, and this episode has brought my first ever review, maybe not for the episode, but just how many great episodes there has been. Justified... if it continues for 2/3 more seasons, it could blossom into the greatest show I've ever watched, the signs are there.
  • Simply put, this was a terrific episode.

    Simply put, this was a terrific episode. The acting on this show improves in every episode, as does the dynamic between the characters, the convolutions in the story-lines, the depiction of the cultural backdrop of Kentucky, and the convictions of the show's title as "Justified". Season 1 was borderline meh but the second season has matured to become one of the best American TV shows around. Timothy Olyphant was born for this role; it's come to a point where I couldn't imagine him acting in anything else. Perhaps premature, but I can only hope this gets picked up for a third season.
  • Another plot- and dramafilled episode filled with surprises, revelations and suckerpunches.

    Wow. That's usually what I'm left with after an episode of Justified, and tonight is no different.
    From Mags wiping the smug grin off Ms Johnson's face to Boyd being a sneaky son-of-a-b*tch and coming out on top (for now), to Loretta's moment of truth and Raylan's rescue mission in the middle of the night.

    To flesh it out a little bit:
    Although I'd love to see Mags get her comeuppance, I also love seeing her grabbing everybody by the balls and getting her way through stone cold determination.
    And she certainly got poor miningrep Ms. Johnson by the short and curlies this time - with some timely and unexpected assistance from Boyd. Brilliant move by the writers - I have to admit I didn't see that one coming, thinking he was going to be loyal to his new boss or simply decide to fade back into the mine. But oh, no - not Boyd Crowder!
    Joining forces with Mags gets him a shot at some REAL money, as well as a working agreement about their less than kosher activities - he gets his father's old stomping grounds, and he and Mags stay out of each others' territories.

    Mags speculates about wether he's going to pick up where Daddy dearest let off, but somehow I don't quite see that happening. But I'm sure he'll do SOMETHING interesting! :D

    The secondary plotline revolves around Loretta, who's missing her father and possibly suspecting SOMETHING is wrong, but remains clueless of what actually happened until Coover Bennett drops a giant-sized clue right in her face by flashing her dad's watch...
    Clever girl that she is, she attempts to drug the big bully - who has just overheard mummy Mags saying that Coover and his brothers where pretty useless, while treating Loretta like long-lost daughter - in order to check out The Clue.
    The truth might set you free, but it nearly gets our intrepid heroine killed - Coover, high and psychotic, goes after her after nearly killing his own brother.
    Fortunately, Raylan's foresight means Loretta can call him for aid - and after a quick spot of threat-and-torture to get the directions from Dickie, our favourite US Marshal shows up and finally puts Coover down.
    Quite literally - he shoots him so he drops down the same mineshaft Loretta's father got dumped in.

    And to cap a brilliant episode: A distraught Mags, in PJs and cardigan, begs Raylan for a chance to talk to Loretta; after seeing the absolute, outright refusal on his face, her voice immediately goes back to its usual, stony, tone of commant as she marches away.
    Let's just put it like this: This ain't over, folks!
  • My Bloody Valentine

    What should have been an above average episode turned into one of the season's best as the Bennett party lead us to significant developments in the stories of Black Pike and Boyd in particular. My hat's off to Coover who reminds me a bit of an ugly oafish Jason Stackhouse (True Blood) and he really brought the episode together as the "unwanted son" of Mags. But Mags certainly didn't hand the mountain over to the coal company easily, but in the end an ultimate revelation involving Loretta is blown up and one of the Bennetts may bite the dust, but at least it wasn't Dickie, my pal Jeremy Davies who's episode winning line is "Think of what Mama's going to do?!" Justified kept up the pace and even though Raylan may have gotten his ass kicked last week he more than made up for it this week, and what's up with Boyd? I'm glad the writers didn't go with the obvious he's gone straight solution and instead made him go for profit instead which makes sense of how he got Arlo to sign over his land to him in that case. But having Boyd teaming up with Raylan's season long villain, how is that going to play into the ending of season 2?