Season 2 Episode 9

Brothers Keeper

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2011 on FX

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  • My Bloody Valentine

    What should have been an above average episode turned into one of the season's best as the Bennett party lead us to significant developments in the stories of Black Pike and Boyd in particular. My hat's off to Coover who reminds me a bit of an ugly oafish Jason Stackhouse (True Blood) and he really brought the episode together as the "unwanted son" of Mags. But Mags certainly didn't hand the mountain over to the coal company easily, but in the end an ultimate revelation involving Loretta is blown up and one of the Bennetts may bite the dust, but at least it wasn't Dickie, my pal Jeremy Davies who's episode winning line is "Think of what Mama's going to do?!" Justified kept up the pace and even though Raylan may have gotten his ass kicked last week he more than made up for it this week, and what's up with Boyd? I'm glad the writers didn't go with the obvious he's gone straight solution and instead made him go for profit instead which makes sense of how he got Arlo to sign over his land to him in that case. But having Boyd teaming up with Raylan's season long villain, how is that going to play into the ending of season 2?