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Justified S05E10: "Weight"

Pretty apt name for an episode title, eh? "Weight" was obviously a drug-lingo reference to the big bag of heroin, but it could just as easily describe the hour's heftiness, what with all the different things going on. "Weight" played a game of character pinball, resulting in a slew of fantastic one-on-one (or one-on-one-on-one) confrontations that made if feel as though we were speed-watching a "Best Of" collection of Old West movies. But even though this episode was full of intense showdowns, Justified still feels slightly aimless; there are only three episodes left in the season and there's no clear goal in sight other than kicking the Crowes out of Harlan.

Just about everything that happened in "Weight" was set into motion by last week's final scene, when Dewey went car bowling and used DEA agent Miller and Danny Crowe as his pins. I'm still a little apprehensive toward the idea that Dewey would betray Boyd considering Dewey looks at Boyd as though he's the devil, a book without any pictures, and a woman who uses words with three or more syllables. But Dewey went rogue with half of Boyd's heroin, putting Raylan and Boyd on his tail. 

And thank the lord he did, because the search for Dewey led Raylan (and Dewey) to Dickie Bennett (Jeremy Davies), one of my all-time favorite Justified characters. Dickie is still locked up for what he done in Season 3, and he and Raylan still share their age-old love-to-hate relationship. The dislike still runs so deep that Raylan wouldn't agree to Dickie's demands of a prison transfer in exchange for Dewey's whereabouts, so Dickie gave Raylan very specific directions that led up Raylan's own asshole in one of Justified's most classic bits of dialogue (for your reading pleasure, I've transcribed the scene below). Unfortunately, other than some sizzling back-and-forth between Raylan and Dickie, Dickie's grand reappearance in the Justified universe was more of a polite stopover than anything substantial, because Raylan was able to figure out how to locate the heroin without Dickie's help anyway. 

But hey let's talk about those showdowns! Dewey tangled with Dickie's drug-dealer friend in an attempt to sell off the heroin to get something out of the deal, but ended up with Danny Crowe's gun pointed at him instead. And considering that Dewey is the worst criminal in Harlan, he was lucky to make it out of the room with a head start and empty pockets. Later on, Danny ran into Raylan while bringing the heroin home to Darryl, and we got another chance to see Danny's much-heralded "21-foot rule"—that a man with a drawn knife can run as far as 21 feet and kill a man with a holstered gun before getting shot—put to the test. But Danny hadn't counted on there being an empty grave between himself and Raylan, and ended up putting his knife through the bottom of his face. R.I.P., Psycho Danny. Meanwhile, Ava went after Judith—or more accurately, it was Judith who went after Ava—in the prison chapel, and Ava prevailed, sticking Judith with the "stabber" that Penny provided her. And in a related story, Boyd tied up Albert the prison guard for framing Ava and getting her moved to the maximum-security prison for tough ladies. Finally, Darryl beat the crap out of Wendy. 

Each of these individual scenes were great, with Raylan and Danny's my clear favorite. But we'll have to wait until next week to find out whether the encounters between Boyd and Albert and Darryl and Wendy were necessary to the overall story. And of course you all know what I think about Ava's arc this year. 

There was a lot going on in "Weight," some of it great and some of it just okay, but it was hard to tell where the episode began, where it was trying to end, and what it had to say. A lot of pieces were moved into position for the final three episodes, though, and I'm expecting them to get back to the story that Justified's fifth season has been wanting to tell all along. 


– Now Art is on protection duty for Allison? When is this Art-Raylan tension going to go somewhere? 

– R.I.P. Chelsea the dog. Actually, never mind. Good riddance, Chelsea the dog! You were a mean pooch. 

– Was Kendal right? Did Allison actually narc on him by calling his mom Wendy to come get him while smoking a joint at the same time? Goodness, girl! How about a little sobriety when you're crushing a kid's dreams? Can't the ganja train wait 20 minutes?

– Now Wynn is thinking about which side to take—Boyd's or Picker's. And he's paying some lady $50,000 for the assessment? That seems a little spendy. Maybe there's more to this. 


Dewey: "I got your shit! I got it all. Well, I mean I got half of it. But it's the whole half."

Raylan: "I don't believe I've ever seen it so dead in here. It's like you got some kind of reverse incentive, keeping people away."
Darryl: "Can't everyday be Black Friday. Bound to have ebbs and flows, today we had an ebb."
Raylan: "To think people say the business model is idiot proof. Speaking of which, where's Dewey?"


Raylan: "What's in it?"
Darryl: "Used condoms, we got to wash them out for reuse. This here's a green whorehouse."


Raylan on Dewey: "That's a lot of confidence for a man who wears shorts with combat boots."


Kendal: "That's where you disappeared to? To blow a J and drop a dime on me?"


Dickey: "Go to a Gas n' Go or whatever and get yourself a map of Kentucky. Follow Route 9 Southbound all the way down with your finger, follow it way, way down until you're pointing right at your asshole. Then what you're gonna do is you take your hand and just go ahead and cram it right up inside, you gotta make sure, Raylan, that you do it in a way so that the rest of you just keeps on following your hand right up your ass right up inside all that shit that you're so full of, Raylan. And then what you're gonna do is *whistling noise* just wink out of existence forever."


Danny: "Are you sure you thought this through, Danny?"

What'd you think of "Weight"? What do you think we'll see in the last three episodes of the season? 

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