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While Raylan has been the district's wild card since his arrival, the rest of the Eastern District office has largely been the portrait of professionalism. Season 4 turned that idea on its head a bit as it gave an increased amount of screen time to Raylan's U.S. Marshal co-workers...

(Spoilers below)

Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson - Raylan has had a number of very personal cases, but Tim's pursuit of Colton was given some extra significance after Colton's murder of Tim's military friend. Going forward, will Tim be just as unpredictable in the field as Raylan?

Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks - Rachel and Raylan had great chemistry in season 4 and Raylan relied on her more than ever to keep his off-the-clock activities secret. The problem? She's now been trained by the master when it comes to maintaining some mystery in her approach to work.

Chief Deputy Art Mullen - Seemingly always ready to retire, will Art be able to handle three rogue Marshals? Season 5 will be fun.

More Questions:

- Do you prefer the Raylan / Tim scenes or the Raylan / Rachel scenes?

- Who is most likely to turn on Raylan (e.g. rat him out to Art)

- If you could follow any Justified character in a spin-off show would you choose Tim, Rachel, Art or another character completely?

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Jan 09, 2014
Definitely TIM, but include more of his sniper time as flashbacks.
Oct 02, 2013
Boyd Crowder, hands down!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 07, 2013
To answer your third question, all of the above. The more Justified spinoffs the merrier.
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