Season 2 Episode 10

Debts and Accounts

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2011 on FX

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  • Dare I say it again; I don't like Winona - putting that aside, this episode furthered the story arc and was therefore important.

    Poor Dickie - he don't get no respect. Mama Bennet made peace with the Givens, only because she likes Helen. (Note to writers - you should do a flashback episode so we could see Bo, Arlo, Helen, and Mags in their prime.) - Anyway, Mags tells Dickie the family is going straight and he should leave Raylan alone. Now of course, whatever you tell Dickie to do, he's going to do the opposite. So he confronts Boyd to let him know the Bennets, with him taking the lead, will be taking over all criminal activities in Harlan. After he leaves, Boyd literally gets to chuckling, cause he knows Dickie can be used to further his plans.

    But more importantly, we see a very tender moment between Boyd and Ava. If any two people deserve a break, it's these two. Let their love grow and their place in the world improve exponentially.
  • Winona and Raylan finally talk about 'it' and their possible future together. Boyd moves on with his plans to take over Harlan and Dickie loses his mama's affection. Also, Loretta is put in a foster home.

    I wonder about the ratings. Does someone rate this show's episodes zero on purpose? Well, you can save your breath, whoever you are, because let's face it: This show just got renewed and it was JUSTIFIED!
    But on to more important matters: Raylan considers moving back to teach firearms and Winona agrees to go with him. Will they actually go on with these plans? Well, I suppose not, this might just serve as a twist for the relationship which suddenly got very serious, considering that Raylan confessed his love to Winona, who took it very matter of fact. Had to smile at this one (reminded me of Star Wars somehow).
    Mags said goodbye to Dickie and continued to settle her accounts. I got the feeling, that something big is coming towards Harlan. Boyd invites Johnny to take over Harlan with him, but something just didn't feel right about his words and actions. Maybe he is up to something a lot bigger. The tension between him and Ava is resolved. They actually seem to have fallen in love with eachother or maybe they were just very lonely. The ending felt kind of sad, because that relationship is doomed to end in a shootout.
    There is more drama ahead, because we still need to find out, who tried to shoot Raylan? Or were they aiming for Winona? Just about everything seems to be possible right now. I'd love to meet up with the writers to find out, what they have in store for the remaining episodes. I get the feeling, it's going to be bloody and epic.
  • Slow Burn Time

    This week Mags faces the choice of whether or not to take vengeance for Coover's death after talking to Arlo's wife, who pleads for her not to have payback. Mags has a stunning retaliation however to the outburst of some schmuck who calls her a sellout for giving in to Black Pike which she backhands her way out of. Raylan tries to get something out of Art regarding the stolen money and whether or not he'll tell or use it against him. Winona asks Raylan for a favor after having been avoiding him for three days and someone ends up following him which he casually threatens his way out of. Boyd leaves Ava's house since she said that she wouldn't tolerate criminal activity while he was under her roof. The build is there but I'm mostly curious as to when Winn Duffy will strike since Gary clearly went to him to have an act of violence given to their mutual friend.