Season 2 Episode 4

For Blood or Money

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2011 on FX

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  • Actually, a good, not a great episode - but I'll never give Justified less than an 8.

    While they are cast members, the writers have to give Rachel and Tim some air time (I understand this) - but they are really boring. I think Tim has the potential to be interesting if given better lines and a good plot - his backstory (being a former sniper), has loads of potential. But this episode focused on a story about Rachel's brother-in-law, and his escape from a half-way house. We learn that this fellow was responsible for the death of her sister - the details are a little foggy in my brain. Now don't get me wrong; she is certainly likable enough - she just doesn't seem to have much of a personality. This occurring in a show with two other strong female leads - can render her almost invisible. But we got to see the Bennets, Boyd, and Ava too, so the episode wasn't a total wash.
  • A Mixed Dish

    This week Raylan approaches the Bennetts and tells him that he knows that they're behind the drug bus ripoff and that the Dixie Mafia is coming for them now. Boyd faces the men who wish to bring him in on a job they want to pull and Ava and he may have to deal with the consequences. Rachel's brother in law Clinton, who killed her sister, breaks out of his half way house to visit his son on his twelfth birthday but has to ends up leaving a trail of trouble in his wake. The episode had its ups and downs, along with Winona going to see Gary and they're going to get a divorce to not both sink financially from the mortgage they have on their house. An average episode but with enough season long entanglement to truly let us know that a storm is brewing.