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Episode 3.09 - Loose Ends

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    [1]Mar 18, 2012
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    This was a really good episode, surely worthy of at least 3 commenter', I'll go first

    Tanner's(guy who went boom) old girl reminded me of my grandmother, as a teenager their was a rule in my generation of the family, cops looking for you go to grandmas house should they catch you give them grandmas contact information, loved that his last thoughts were of his mother's well being

    Not sure what to make of Limehouse, seems content to rule over his own dominion but goes on to play puppet master vis-a-vis the sheriff election,then he seems to place a great deal of value on his reputation only to go on to steal the Bennett's money,but then sees to it that the woman got the money her son sent her, he's really starting to come across as a Machiavellian opportunist but mentioning Rayland's mother, for some that might not seem like much but here in the south there's a line that begins,ends,circles around,tunnels under,and jumps over ones mother and if he didn't cross it he came damn close

    Say what you will about Boyd but he's a charismatic psychopath, with an excellent feel for a room

    Seems the Sheriff and I shop at the same trunk supply store

    Kudos all around to Ava, there are some people in this life who simply will not be reasoned with and it's a waste of time bother trying,it's like it says in The Prince "Men should either be caressed or eliminated" and really looking forward to seeing what becoming a madam does for her character

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    [2]Mar 19, 2012
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    Very good episode. The previews for tomorrow looked pretty cool. I am not sure what to make of Limehouse either. Don't know whether to like him or hate him.
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    [3]Mar 26, 2012
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    Great episode I want Boyd for sheriff after that great speech and I like how Limehouse is playing all the sides to benefit and protect his own and Eva stole the show gunning down that creep that was awesome.

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