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Episode 3.2: Cut Ties

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    Please direct all discussion regarding the episode Cut Ties to this thread, thanks.
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    I liked it. Some random thoughts:

    I'm glad to see Art still has his field-agent wits about him. As many people start to fade if they've been behind the desk too long.

    Plus, it was a nice change of pace from Art's "epic foot chase" last season. He was more bad-a$$ and on the ball here, instead of limping after a octogenarian who was carrying an oxygen tank... and barely gaining on him.

    I didn't lose any respect for Art last season since he was hurting... but it was good to see him get a nice victory there.

    I like Carla Cugino, I wonder if she's going to be back at all this season.

    I like Boyd's reaction to Rayland at the prison... when Rayland more-or-less said "I only JUST realized what you were doing, I'm getting you out of here"

    The new big-bad this season looks real bad-a$$. Last season's opener ended with the kindly old lady killing without a care. Here we see the new big-bad takes no BS from his subordinates. And from the scar on that other guy's hand... this is apparently a normal day for him

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    Is Limehouse the big bad or is it McDonough's character (Quarles)? No reason there can't be more than one, perhaps. One of the nice things about Justified is you see these relationships change through the season. The Bennetts and the Crowders allied last season against a common threat even though they were feuding for years.

    I enjoyed this episode. There's a tricky balance between action and setting up the action in order to give it some impact. Justified seems to have achieved that balance.

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    Good episode Limehouse is going to be fun Mylete Williamson is good at bad azz and Art was wonderful nice to see the old man still has it.

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