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what would you like to see more of

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    [1]Jul 7, 2013
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    only new to the show, I was on holidays and I was bored trying to find something to watch on my laptop

    when I found the show, end up showing all 4 seasons in day, just love the show, trying really hard to hang

    out till Jan, but question is, what would fans like to see more of, I know like to see more of Tim, and his

    background, maybe a little interaction between him and Boyd about their military service. (bec I remember

    him saying he was in the first desert storm, that how he meet Colt) also like the reaction between them

    about Colt. maybe see Tim with a girlfriend- he got to have some fun, a someone connected to Art maybe

    a niece or daughter of old friend someone close to him.

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