Season 4 Episode 1

Hole in the Wall

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2013 on FX

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  • Hole in the Wall

    Season 4 starts off with a flashback to the 80's on a doorstep of a house (I don't know if it was Arlo's or not), but a man drops from the sky with a parachute and splatters with cash all around him and the man who owns the house tells him wife to call the police. Kind of reminded me of DB Cooper and his jumping from an airplane with money scenario. Raylan getting a call from a Tennessee bail bondsperson, who he spent a night with in Miami, tells him that a fugitive accused of double murder has fled to Kentucky where his girlfriend has his kids. She promises him a cut of a few thousand if he brings the guy to her and she gives him a name and an address. Raylan intercepts him after getting Rachel to tend to the office in his absence. The guy is trying to visit his kids but his girlfriend won't let him and Raylan approaches the car and draws his gun on him. The guy says that he has a gun pointed at him through the door and that he won't hesitate to shoot. Raylan does a cool thing since he needs the guy in one piece and shoots the airbag of the guy's car. He then puts him into the trunk after he gets a call that somebody broke into Arlo's house. The kids were teenagers looking for a bag in the wall that Raylan later finds after hearing from Constable Bob (Comedian Patton Oswalt). He goes to a hardware store to find the supplies to fix up the wall in Arlo's house when one of the pair of robbers, a teenage girl, propositions him and he refuses and he goes outside to find that she was a distraction while his car was taken by the other one. Bob suggests that they may have sold it for scrap and they head to the local junkyard and find his Lincoln there but the fugitive is no longer in the trunk. The rest of the unfolding of Raylan's story was really cool as the fugitive offers to kill Raylan for the teen pair while when Raylan enters he offers them a pass on stealing the car in exchange for the fugitive. Bob gets jumped by the yard owner and a standoff occurs. The fugitive gets the teen girl and says he'll shoot her and Raylan says that he should think of her as innocent given her age but she did steal his car. Great dialogue in this show, and his lecture to the fugitive about assholes was great too. Bob stabs the girl in the foot which allows Raylan to subdue the fugitive and get him to where he needs to be. Constable Bob is funny and I love Patton so hopefully we will see much more of him to come. Boyd on the other hand, is losing Oxy business to a new church led by a backwoods preacher according to one of his dealers who has since seen the light. Boyd gives him a day to get the money that he owes him together or he will regret it. Ella May, one of Eva's prostitutes gets surprised by one of her Johns surprising her with a bearsuit and she shoots him on accident thinking it's a real bear and with the drugs and everything contributing to it as well. A mysterious stranger visits the bar and stirs up trouble and turns out to be none other than Boyd's old First Sergeant from the military police from when he served in Desert Storm, the officer having been discharged recently. Boyd fears the new church taking away his business and visits the man who owes him money and puts a stick of dynamite in his lap and lights the fuse. The man confesses and says that he just wanted to give the money to the church to atone for his sins. Boyd tells the guy, who he just asked to be part of his criminal enterprise, to take care of the tied up man who the MP just shoots not knowing that Boyd really meant to untie him and let him go. I loved the dark humor after he says, "I guess I should be clearer with my Ella May shows up at the backwoods church that is now all the rage at the end of the episode but whether she's there to atone for all her sins such as shooting a john in a bearsuit or to spy on the place for Boyd and Eva isn't really clear. Raylan returns to his topside bar apartment and says hello to his bartender sort-of girlfriend and locks up the ten grand he got from the fugitive job. In the end of the episode he pays Arlo a visit asking about the bag in the wall and the driver's license in it belonging to someone named "Aldo Truth" which sounds made up. Raylan catches him in a lie when Arlo says for him to put it back in the wall after Raylan never said anything about it being in the wall so Raylan seems certain to get to the bottom of the bag's origins. An inmate who recognizes the bag from somewhere and says it may be worth lots of money approaches Arlo's cell with the bookcart and tells him that they can get a lot of money if he's heard right about it. I think there must be some sort of Kentucky urban legend about the guy who splatted with the parachute at the beginning of the episode. But when Arlo asks for a book he cuts the guy's throat with a shiv to keep him quiet and asking around about that money. Why Arlo would just kill someone after some money doesn't make much sense to me but hey if you're already in prison for the murder of a cop why not kill another right? Guess the secrets surrounding that bag are more important to Arlo to keep secret than not but I'm sure Raylan will get to it soon. It's good to have this show back I dearly missed Olyphant's grizzled Southern-boy flair that he brings to the screen with that hat. This season has started unlike previous seasons and threw us right into the action, ok so sort of like last year did with Qarles on the scene, but this seems unique and delving more into Arlo's past isn't a bad thing since we really don't know that much about him and any chance to flesh out already interesting characters is a plus in my book. Also, Boyd quoting Asimov's "In death I imagine only darkness," was quite great since I'm a huge fan of Asimov's work.