Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2013 on FX

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  • Family Connections

    This was an interesting change of pace from the beating the bushes in search of Drew Thompson, and some welcome background to Raylan and who he really is. This is the first we have heard that Raylan's mother Frances was part of a very clannish tribe. Mary was Raylan's mother's cousin (which makes him her second cousin). I keep thinking that there is more to Frances' story than being the sad wife and mother who Arlo knocked around.

    The story itself offered some good background and insight into Raylan and Tim, had some genuinely poignant moments - Mary's comment that she sees Frances in Raylan gives us a brief glimpse into the depth of Raylan's feelings for his long-dead mother; and Tim and Raylan's discussion of Tim's reading habits and how his rather juvenile taste in literature balances out being "too young to be blowing the heads off the Taliban". And some very funny moments - Raylan sneakily handcuffing Boyd to a tree. It advances the action quite nicely for some gruesomely funny and ghastly shenanigans concerning a severed foot.

    One of the joys of this show is the fundamental understanding that a satisfying story comes from the lowlights as well as the highlights, and it isn't necessary or desirable to have a high octane moment of explosive action in every single episode. Beautifully written, with first class performances.
  • The Hills Have People

    The Drew Thompson investigation is passed over to the Marshals office much to the chagrin of Agent Barkley (Stu from Californication) the one who was investigating Raylan's corruption after overhearing it when having surveillance done on Theo Tonin's son last season. Theo Tonin's right hand Nicki Augustine come to Lexington to find Drew Thompson and pays a visit to Wynn Duffy's trailer where it's revealed that Agent Barkley (who is still tied up over the agent killing himself a few weeks ago) is in Tonin's pocket which means that he was dirty last season when doing surveillance on Tonin Jr. last season and ironically was on Raylan's case about being corrupt. Apparently Barkley and Augustine go way back and grew up in the same neighborhood in Detroit. When Barkley says that it will cost 250,000 dollars for him to find Thompson and do away with him Augustine says that he's not the only agent Tonin has in the FBI and shoot him in the head to which Wynn Duffy doesn't really react. Duffy offers to enlist Boyd Crowder since he has a hand in the underground Kentucky element since it's not believed he went far after disappearing. Why Augustine killed Barkley because of Tonin not liking his price, whether he was simply a loose end, or because he had missed finding Drew Thompson for so long and someone else had figured out that he wasn't in fact dead remains a mystery although the whole point blank murder thing caught me way off guard but it seems that many characters don't react to headshots anymore like Raylan didn't or maybe it's just a lack of empathy for crooked FBI agents. With Duffy it makes a little more sense though that he wouldn't react as much. Meanwhile, Arlo about to get off of his charges by telling them where Drew Thompson is was a little unbelievable since nailing Tonin may be important but let's not forget that he cut a guy's throat the other day and MURDERED A COP!!! Doesn't it seem a little unlikely that the AUSA wants Thompson so badly they'd let a cop killer go, I'd certainly hope that they don't in the real system no matter how important Tonin is to bring down just finding Thompson on their own would work. Colt's cover up of his screw up with leaving Ellen May unattended last week wasn't really resolved for him going to Shelby when he looks at the security footage of the gas station and sees a deputy's car but Shelby baits him in the end of the episode with some bull about Ellen May getting spotted by a deputy going over to a truck driver that she supposedly knew. When Shelby is revealed to actually be sheltering Ellen May, having found her himself and knowing about Boyd's plan to kill her, and get her to reveal what she knows to bring down Boyd and Eva's operations. Raylan visits the girl who was breaking into Arlo's house to get the bag from the airplane crash in the season opener and asks how she knew about it. She says her stepfather Josiah Cairn put her up to it. Seeing Patton again as Constable Bob was a great follow-up from the season opener seeing the girl have a brace for her stabbed foot and braces. Raylan goes to see Josiah who is under house arrest and has to get his stepdaughter to steal the copper wiring he gets to make money to pay for her braces. When he won't reveal how he knows about Drew Thompson Raylan drags him by his car until he gets winded and almost to the boundary of his property where the state troopers will come and arrest him for violating his house arrest. He says that Drew is with the Hill People and has been since jumping from the plane and broke both his legs and was healed back to function by the hill people. Raylan says that if he goes up there and comes back without Drew Thompson he'll come back for Josiah. Raylan leaves Tim at the bottom of the mountain since the Hill People don't like outsiders and to prove his kinship among them he brings a photo of his aunt whose uncle was one of them. When he gets up the mountain he is held at gunpoint and tied up and forced into a dark room with Boyd who had gone through the same road of inquiry and them both ending up in the same place is some damn good writing and their competition for finding Drew will be surely one of the best parts of the season. Their alliance and tumble with the guys holding them captive was a nice touch and Raylan having the mentally challenged guy's gun (the big guy from Sons of Anarchy as well) didn't have a firing pin. When they're being led off to be killed in an empty mine Raylan shows them the picture and Mary, his aunt's sister in law who is his cousin's mother or something to that affect recognizes him when shown the photo and she tells them not to kill Raylan and Boyd. She says that Drew hadn't been there for a long time and she hadn't seem him in about a decade since a bluegrass festival where he was all chummy with the mayor of Lexington and some highbrow society people and apparently didn't seem to recognize her. Not much of a lead but he seems to still be in the wind but at least we know he must be in Kentucky somewhere. The best scene was Boyd getting handcuffed to the tree by Raylan, insisting he has a sense of humor and Boyd's line, "I've come to a conclusion. I don't like you Colt meets Tim at the bottom of the mountain and the two bond over their overseas tours and Raylan tells him where to find Boyd up the trail. Hearing Tim's background and his reading taste was a nice touch to further hashing out his character and of course I hope to see more of him and Rachel. Oh, I forgot, it was good to see a now pregnant Natalie Zea return as Winona, and Raylan being early as he thought but actually late to the check up on the baby was a good illustration of how debilitating his job is to his abilities as a father. And the generational link that Raylan and Boyd both have to Drew Thompson, who supposedly shot Theo Tonin in the eye and stole several pounds of cocaine which Arlo and Bo Crowder both offset for profit in exchange for Drew hiding makes them tied to this through blood since Bo is no longer alive and how Arlo knows where Drew is is a little surprising if Drew is as elusive as it sounds. But this was a fantastic episode that tied into the overall Season 4 arc. Colt is keeping his search for Ellen May on the DL which will surely lead to more conflict between him and Boyd, Johnny is told that he can kill Boyd as soon as he delivers Drew to him, and Raylan's latter visit to Josiah where he finds only the foot and ankle bracelet was a little grotesque but surely either the Dixie Mafia or someone else took Cairn to question him about Drew's location. I loved the portrayal of the Hill People and how they have a phone and that they're not "in the darks of Africa," a humorous counter example to what we typically think of those rather stereotyped sort of people. But there is a lot happening and knowing Justified things will surely become even more intricate and complicated.
  • Kin 2/5/12

    The "capture" of Boyd and Raylan just felt a little bit forced in this episode, and a little bit out of nowhere. Not a lot of action here, and they could have used the rest of the cast a bit more here.

    This was just not that intriguing a show, and entertaining for the wrong reasons at times.
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