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  • Justified

    It's a sad day!! Just finished watching the last episode.

    Gonna miss the cat and mouse game between Raylan and Boyd.

    Come back!!!
  • justified review

    best show ever
  • A well done tv series, one of my favorite.

    I just finished season 6 and looking back, I really enjoyed this Tv show.

    I highly recommend to give it a try, it's a great show, with wonderful characters and an interesting story.

  • Good show. Will be missed.

    IMO it's about change.

    When this started Raylan and Boyd pretty much appeared to be different sides of the same coin, by the end -Raylan had grown/changed sufficiently that this was no longer true while Boyd was the same guy, doing the same thing on different day.
  • Sad to see it go, it was a great show

    I've written this elsewhere, but I feel it's worth repeating.

    Justified is a real favorite of mine. And, the way I look at the finale. It finished in a way which, somehow, could always mean it could be revived. Why?

    Simple. Raylan's visit to Boyd. Now, the purpose was to let Boyd know that Ava is dead. although the reason that Raylan's visit ended up with the truth "We dug coal together", the truth is, Boyd Crowder's will have plenty of time asking himself the same question.. Why would Raylan go all the way from Florida to visit him, just for that, because I doubt that Crowder's going to be satisfied with this explanation.

    So, while it is more than likely that this show has ended and won't be revived for any reasons, at least, logically, there would be a plot to bring it back.

    So, it's the end, it was a great show.. and.. I wouldn't be mad if another season came along at some point...

  • Best show ever!

    I was tipped about this show during season 1 and I was hooked right away. I loved the atmosphere, the characters and the stories. As much as I loved season 1, in retropect it was the second weakest season. Mostly because it didn't have a season arc. It was a case of the week.

    Second season was so amazing. The villan of the season, Mags Bennet, played by the wonderful Margo Martindale. Her three sons, the sheriff, Dicke and Coover. Dickie Bennet, played by Jeremy Davies, was outstanding.

    Season three had Robert Quarles as the season baddie pairing up with Wynn Duffy. It was a fun ride with a really fun season ending. Made me look at a piggy bank different.

    Season 4 with the mystery of "Who is Drew Thompson?" was for me just as good as season 2. It also featured the best episode of the show, "Decoy".

    Seaon 5 was the weak season. It was mostly due to the casting of Michael Rappaport as Dale Crowe. He was awful and the season also had Ava in jail and that arc was also weak. However, it was still a good season compaired to other shows.

    Season 6, the final season, was the best season of them all. Sam Elliott was the baddie of the season and he was really great.

    It is hard to write down in one review all the great things about this show. But I'll try.

    The characters are very well written, even the supporting characers. Characters like, Dewey, Choo Choo, Wynn Duffy, Tim, Rachel, Art, Johnny and many more. Every characters has depths and doesn't come across as stereotypes.

    The actors: Walton Goggins, Timothy Olyphant, Joelle Carter and everyone involved.

    If you haven't seen this show, you really should!

  • You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive

    Oh wow. This show. The Dialogue. Raylan. Boyd. Wynn Duffy. There's so much to love about this series. I binged on it over the winter break and was able to catch up for Season 6 and I'll really miss this. Boyd is one of the best anti-heroes/villains in any TV show ever, and Raylan is one of the best protagonists.

    The setting is part of what makes this show different to any standard cop show (Raylan himself ain't a cop), and the show can make the most out of characters big or small, that would often be weak, retrodden stereotypes on other shows (Choo Choo! Dewey Crowe!). They're fun, and often awesome.

    I'll really miss this show. It's one of the best. Underrated, and very smart, with once again, some excellent dialogue. Well worth a watch.
  • Boon's death

    Boon's fondest wish is a showdown with Raylan-so he can't die like that. He has to go out in the most humiliating anti-climactic way possible. My two top choices:

    Gunned down by Constable Bob (the ignominy alone would kill him, and Bob could use the street cred)

    Run over in a crosswalk by a hipster in a smartcar (I'm leaning towards this one)

    I *do* like the hat, though.

    Truly enjoyable show, hooked since show#1

    If you have not seen it in a while.

    Watch again.


    Together Raylan and Boyd wipe out the real evil ones - Boyd recovers whatever money they find. He and Ava disappear in Mexico. Raylan retires to Florida with his daughter and wife. How this happens is up to the writers... Perfect for us fans and the three "Hollow" semi-friends...

    We've been fans of this program since the beginning - through all the different comings and goings of "The Hollow" people. The most honest and straight "as it is" in those neck of the woods I've ever witnessed. The most startling was when Ma drank the "special brew". Saw Ma move on to other programs - hope that all these great characters find similar acting careers. We really hate to see the end - it's like nearing the end of a book you can't put down - give this a decent burial. Raylan, Boyd and Ava in their own way deserve to live on.
  • Damn, this show is good.

    Justified is my favorite show. It's got some of the best dialogue and characters I've ever seen. The acting is top notch with everyone, obviously. It's also adapted from the great Elmore Leonard's short story, at least the pilot is. Nothing I say is gonna do it justice I feel, because I suck at reviewing stuff. But it's a great show and if you're not watching it, you're really missing out. That said, even though many people felt that the fifth season wasn't very good for various reasons, it perfectly set up the final season which is going to be absolutely crazy and amazing. And as a final note in this bad review, Boyd Crowder is one of, if not the the, best character I've ever seen on television.
  • Ready for an epic finale

    This is why all shows need to plan their own ending. Just like Breaking Bad. This last season I think will be epic. Raylan and Boyd have eliminated any and all opposition in Harlan County. So the final season will be exactly what it should be: Raylan vs. Boyd. Two men enter. One man leaves.

    Can freaking wait.
  • Cussing

    Big fan, but taking the Lord's name in vain, not so much. I know Elmore Leonard used colorful language, but can you please make this one change? Thank you. The worst for dishonoring God's name: Season 4, Disc 2.
  • Shoot first, ask questions only if they survive

    Justified is very easy to watch and get invested in as all the cast do an amazing job of portraying their characters. The stories are always interesting and have very real consequences for the characters. Timothy Olyphant is absolutely brilliant as Raylan Givens, and Givens is such a cowboy badass, you root for him all the way.
  • Dialog

    Just one word comes to mind when I hear Raylan and Boyd's dialog. "Slippery".
  • Characters

    It took me a while to get into this show but Im so glad I did, easily one of my favourites. Some of the dialogue is the best you will hear anywhere. Definitely one of the best written shows out there, especially the earlier seasons.
  • Always changing Raylan

    Each season serves a different plot story where Raylan takes on different family crime gangs, the Dixie Mafia while dealing with his own personal issues. His Trigger happy approach gets him into ho***er on more than one occasion within his department. The stories at times can be slow and long drawn out however Raylan is one Hardass and the body count and violence is more than enough for Justified to make it into my hardass list.
  • Who is she?

    Who is the actress that played the hooker Kayla, 5 minutes into last episode? I've seen her somewhere before. Hope to see her again. I'd work her into a recurring role. Raylan should've gone to Miami with her. haha
  • Hooked on Justified

    This episode was great, can't wait for next week, I heard through grapevine that Angie Simms was Co-Staring and that caught my interest, as she had done a modelling shoot for my fashion label in the past. Not only was she great, but I am now hooked on Justified!
  • Need a little help here....

    I managed to miss Tuesday's episode.

    When will that one - Raw Deal - episode 7, be available to view online here ?
  • One of the very best

    Justified has been in my top 5 shows since it's first episode and each series seems to get better and better. There are, unfortunately, a group of challenged individuals who mark each episode lowly, possibly before it's even aired in some cases. Children will be children I guess but you're wasting your time. There's a 6th season scheduled and maybe - just maybe a 7th. I hope so anyway. In reality this is a 9 - 9.5 show and all its real fans know that. Stick to your crayons fellas.
  • Addicted! Cant believe I just discovered this Gem!

    This is definately one of my favourite shows. Currently waiting for the next SOA season and came across Justified. I am currently watching the second season and I'm addicted! I love all the characters in the show, Raylan is a babe!!
  • Justified, A true example of an underrated, hidden gem.

    Justified is honestly one of the best series I've seen in the last few years. If I had to pinpoint a reason or two as to why I would say Character development. These writers know exactly what they're doing. Especially with the main character, Raylan Givens, and Timothy Olyphant brings an intense chemistry to the role that resonates with almost any actor he has to work with. and That Southern It-Factor that just seems to make everything that more bad-ass. My dad was the one who told me about this show a year or two back and I finally got around to watching seasons 1-4 and I'm impatiently waiting for Season 5 to start. Bring on The Crowes!

    I also recently downloaded the source material novels that the show is based on, which I plan on reading soon.
  • One of the best shows on character!

    This show is one of my true is great portraying his familiar with his work previously but great job he sometimes toes the line as a law enforcement officer (how difficult this probably is in real life when you're dealing with low-lifes!), you feel his disgust and anger at the idiocy of the criminal minds. The show has great secondary characters also and good story lines. I have a buddy in the . Marshal's Service and while somewhat different, they do see it it coming FX!
  • Kentucky crime is going down


  • This choice of show is Justified!

    At first I really dug this show a lot, Season 2 came along and it was one of the best seasons of TV I've ever watched. Season 3 & 4 didn't let down either, the acting is amazing, the writing is top notch and the setting is great. Once I finished it I was left wanting so much more.
  • Why am I just discovering this show??

    My husband and I have had marathon sessions in the past couple of weeks watching seasons 1, 2, and 3 of this show. We both LOVE it! The characters are so well written, and the interaction between them is priceless. Can't help but love Boyd Crowder even though he's a scoundrel, and does Timothy Olyphant not have the most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen?? Poor Raylan always gets in trouble for tyring to do the right thing! Can't wait to watch the rest of the episodes.

    fine show
  • Dialogue

    The dialogue in this show makes it a gripping watch. On the surface the premise and some of the plotlines can border on preposterous but the dialogue and acting are to such a high level it has me hooked on the edge of my seat. The relationships between Raylan and Boyd/Tim/Art are fantastically observed. Gripping drama that often seems more like a dark comedy.
  • Clever is as clever does

    In my top "5" truly the most clever writers on television today. Raylan leaves me rolling on the floor with his one liners.