Season 2 Episode 7

Save My Love

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 23, 2011 on FX

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  • An episode devoted to Murphy's Law and nailbiting tension.

    I really don't like drama. I like action, with a touch of comedy on the side. But I still love Justified, even though they tend to be a bit light on the action and slightly heavy on the drama.
    Tonights episode focused on trying to undo Winona's Bit Mistake - she finally confesses to Raylan that she took ALL the money from the evidence locker, and now he has to try and fix things to keep her from possible jailtime.
    He has a nice, simple plan - only nothing's ever simple in Harlan county, is it.
    Capricious judges, bomb threats, all too efficient co-workers and just plain bad luck haunts the couple as they try and try and TRY to get the money back under lock and key at the courthouse.

    In the end, they DO get it back, but only after the marshals have all seen that it's missing - and when Art shows up just as they're finishing up, there's a wealth of meaning in a few innocuous phrases and a lot of silences - he knows, and they know that he knows, and he knows that they know that he knows...

    Otherwise, it was a fairly so-so episode - no Bennett clan, no guns fired, etc.
    But a few brilliant moments managed to find their way in none the less:
    Raylan, describing his history with Boyd (and the fact that he can be trusted - within limits) is followed by the brilliant observation from Boyd's new boss; It sounds like a lovestory. :D
    In fact, the whole scene with her, Boyd and Raylan in the courtroom is one of the best scenes of the entire episode.