Season 2 Episode 7

Save My Love

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 23, 2011 on FX

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  • Two For the Money

    With Winona's past mistake involving the $100 bill it is revealed that she may have taken all of the cash so it's up to Raylan and her to put it back without anybody noticing. It doesn't help that the Court House and the Marshal's Office are under heavy security for a current case though. Boyd becomes acquainted with a woman, Carol, an executive of the mining company he works for and she wants him to be on her security detail. What really strikes me is how the paths of Boyd and Raylan always seem to weave together in the most unpredictable of ways so good on the writers for giving Boyd a new arc when they could just as easily have less of him. This episode was filled with thrills and pay offs of past characters, like seeing Judge Reardon again, is certainly welcome to us veteran viewers. What Justified is really excelling at now is the hashing out of its minor characters, particularly Tim and Rachel who seemed more like one dimensional expendable marshals last season to me who now are getting thrown some time to show their personalities. Also how the season long arc ultimately is always moving toward the Bennetts and Raylan and many others and with more than half of the season over it's time to get back in the main story saddle and give us some more Mags and her sons.