Season 2 Episode 7

Save My Love

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 23, 2011 on FX

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  • Oh it just gets better :-)

    Always believable and low key... suspense with no melodramatics. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant writing and acting.

    Just how this show keeps up the consistency is beyond me. Its so good like the best films or books, you are almost sad whilst you are watching it or reading it that you know eventually it has to come to an end; its a finite time you can spend in this fantasy world with these fictional characters.

    So many subltleties in this episode; the telling pain Boyd has when he realises he's been entrapped in a role he's not prepared for, somehow he's feeling trapped by fate here; the beautiful scene in the court room when Raylan gives his opinion on Boyd's fidelity; the mastery of the final scenes when Raylan's boss encounters him and Winona hiding the loot and whilst he doesn't actually see the money being stashed, he knows that something's fishy and clearly makes the connection between this and the goings on earlier in the day. We can feel Raylan's terrible certainty that he's been "rumbled" and that his relationship with his boss will never be the same and that his boss perhaps now will let it go because he knows that Raylan is basically a good guy and whatever went down he is now putting it right. But who knows??? Such a real sense of characters thinking and reacting in realistic ways, all in the space of a few seconds AND mostly without a word being said! Fantastic. It makes me want to watch it over and over again.

    If you're wondering about this show, just watch the darned program and learn what EVERY other show is lacking; you just never knew how good TV could be :-). This show deserves MAJOR recognition, and I just hope it can go from strength to strength and last for as many seasons as the writers and actors can stand :-)))
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