Season 1 Episode 6

The Collection

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 20, 2010 on FX

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  • Show took a step backwards tonight

    "I'd rather put my **** in a blender."

    After the show seemed to be finding its groove on TV, it took a step back tonight, in my opinion, with an episode that was very derivative and boring. A few witty lines here and there, but this was a filler episode at best (I apologize to any filler episodes that I offended by comparing them to this.

    Just a very generic plot, and with a similar show coming out soon on TNT (Memphis Beat), and so many other cop shows out there, you need to do better than this to keep the ratings up.
  • Raylan has to go after a woman who likely murdered her husband.

    Following last week's episode, this was a pretty disappointing episode. In fact, the show was able to introduce and resolve the main plot of the episode in a little under/over twenty minutes. That left another twenty minutes or so to fill in, and as a result, we get a lot of random scenes that have promise but don't really accomplish anything. After having Arlo present so much last week, he's noticeably absent. We do, however, get appearances from Boyd Crowder to start off and finish the episode.

    The main plot of the episode (and also where it gets its name) involves a man who was made to look as if he committed suicide, even though his wife and her lover did it. He was an art collector that appearently had come in possession of some rare Adolph Hitler paintings. For me, the whole plot was a bit confusing, with an art collector and an accountant of some sort played by Tony Hale in the mix, and for me, despite the plot coming to a somewhat satisfactory ending, it still left me feeling cold, as if there were more promise in the plot than we actually ended up getting.

    The final scene, where Boyd hints at Arlo being involved with something very bad, leaves us hanging in the wind, which means that the next episode should certainly be something exciting, bringing back Arlo, Helen and other bad guys for Raylan to threaten. For me, six or seven episodes into an FX show is a good enough indication as to what you'll be getting throughout a show's run, and I must say, despite this being a more disappointing episode, it still left me excited to see what happens next.
  • What's up with all the low scores?

    I really think this was one of the best episodes yet. The dialogues are beautifully written and wonderfully acted. I also found myself laughing more throughout this episode than any other. The one liners were great. When I saw the low score of this episode I felt compelled to make it known that those who are rating in low just don't understand this show for its originality and substance.

    I will say, however, that the deep and witty dialogue in this show tends to remind me of the show that put Timothy Olyphant on the map (which is Deadwood). The writers here definitely want to take the show beyond just shoot-em-up non-stop action, and I appreciate that very much!
  • one of the best eps so far - the show is really developing nicely!!

    this was a very entertaining episode. It had a lot in it. i really liked the subplot with the ex-wife and her realtor husband, and how Raylan drew on that to get in the horse trainer's head and convince him to turn himself in and stop killing. i liked the other subplot about the hitler paintings collector guy a lot. i found myself just enjoying this and not knowing exactly where it was going - i was actually really surprised by the ending. i just can't understand why it is scored so low - maybe by people more into watching gunslinging. true, if you're in it for that, then this ep may not be for you. I personally loved the change of pace
  • If this isn't your cup of tea, don't watch, but come on what is with the low score. Raylan shows his imperfections. Art's and Raylan's conversations are a hit of one liners.

    I loved this episode. It was witty and entertaining. Shooting occurred and for once it wasn't from Raylan, which was cool. Loved Raylan's short conversations with Boyd Crowder in jail. Boyd trying his best to manipulate Raylan at the end. Leaving us wondering if it worked. Ava and Raylan's relationship seemed not to evolve and it left some wondering if it should after the complex conversation he had with Winona. Leaves you wondering if Raylan can move on with another woman, after all no man likes to be dumped. The dynamics of Raylan and Art were both funny and telling. "There are other things than being smart" says Raylan. Art's response "Yes, those that aren't smart." Art is almost like the father figure that Raylan needs to keep him on the straight and narrow. After all someone has to give Raylan boundaries. The introduction of the US Attorney who is investigating Raylan, was short and too the point, but I see either an admiration feast coming on from the US Attorney, or a witch hunt for Raylan. This show is growing on me and it's one of the few shows I watch in it's entirety w/out channel surfing. I'm amazed how people would come and score low, but it's confusing anyway because episodes that have not even aired have low scores which leads me to believe people are just playing around on TV.Com in the scoring of this show. I for one love it.
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