Season 3 Episode 1

The Gun Fighter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2012 on FX

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  • Aftershock and Icepicks

    Following the excellent finale of Season 2 with (Spoiler) Mags Bennett's suicide the events pick up three weeks later as Raylan is seen slightly off kilter sitting behind a desk until he can recuperate from his shooting. Winona in fact doesn't leave like she said she would and the two continue with their relationship and in the wake of their new baby on the way. A new Detroit gangster Qarles comes into play mercilessly shaking down a real estate mogul who borrowed money from his organization and he wants repayment. The mogul hires a thug (Dexter's Joey Quinn ((Desmond Harrington))) to acquire the money and thug kills and plays a deadly game with a watchmaker and takes watches to serve as repayment. Somehow these guys are connected to Wynn Duffy who tried to kill Raylan last season on Gary's insistence. Raylan reluctantly agrees to go with fellow marshal Tim to question Duffy about the ice pick man and he appears to know nothing about it. Turns out he knows about him but has never worked with him since he and the other bads are all associated with the Dixie Mafia. When the mogul's secretary drops the info on the drop of the watches to repay Detroit the Marshals jump on it but are too late as they are unable to catch the ice pick killer. Detroit cleans house revealing he told the secretary to tell the Marshals about the drop and kills the mogul and the secretary because apparently he doesn't want the money after all. He leaves Duffy alive after the shooting and says he plans on making his own claim to this place. Ice Pick goes after Raylan in a deadly game of "reach for the gun in the middle of the table and get stabbed in the hand by an icepick" in a cooler Raylan moment pulls the table cloth and pulls the gun and shoots the guy in the shoulder instead of getting stabbed (awesome!) Justified's wit never ceases to entertain me as poetry with a twang spoken from a very talented cast. Oh and Boyd's plan of assaulting Raylan to get locked up with Dickie Bennett for revenge for Ava was typical Boyd as it all plays out as part of his "plan." Also the product they stole from the Bennetts went bad with mold and Boyd tells his flunkies to burn it. Great first chapter with a promise of even more to come.
  • YES! IT's back !

    It was an absolutely lovely surprise to see the show back. It hasn't lost it's shine and we are all in for a treat this season. I think those Dixie Mafia guys will push Rayland to the limit this time. Too bad he's so tough, but he doesn't yet realize the consequences of all this violence. I think that is what Art tries to tech him. Boyd is just as violent, but he doesn't seem to care, he is a survivor. I would love it if someone could hint on the country/rock theme at the end of the episode when Boyd enters the prison. I loved it, but seems impossible to find...... Thanks in advance !
  • The Gun Fighter


    I thought Dexter's Desmond Harrington struggled with the accent at times, but he did provide yet another great villain here. I was wondering how Raylan would win the battle for the gun, but now I know how to if I am in that same situation, so I learned something to.

    A strong start to the season. I think Neal McDonough will do a good job during this arc, but hopefully he turns out to be unique and not similar to all of his other bad guy roles.

    The dialogue was not as sharp as it usually is, but I still enjoyed the premiere.