Season 2 Episode 3

The I Of The Storm

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 23, 2011 on FX

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  • Boyd is becoming conflicted - He's like a time-bomb, waiting to explode.

    This episode marks the return of Dewey Crowder - apparently he's been paroled. He meets his old friend Boyd at a local bar - tells him he's involved in a deal that'll make him some money. The deal is, he and some folks he's met, are bringing oxycodeine to the "Dixie Mafia" - however their bus is hijacked and people are killed. This brings in Raylan - and results in him having interesting conversations with Dewey, Boyd, and Ava. The best part of the episode is Raylan's visit to Ava - she is as feisty as ever. When Raylan strays beyond his professional obligations and starts to give her advice about her "shacking up" with Boyd - she tells him to f**k off. I love this lady - there is nothing deceitful or indecisive about her. I think she's a perfect match for Raylan - but I'm also beginning to root for Boyd a little bit. This is a great show - 'nuff said.
  • Just Leave That Man Be

    A bus full of pills is jacked and the guardian of them killed outside of Harlan and many think Boyd Crowder to be the one responsible when actually it's the Bennetts that were behind the robbery. Dewey Crow, who was riding on the bus plans to get the pills back and goes the extra mile of impersonating Raylan to get them back but it doesn't last long as the men that stole the pills are gunned down the Sheriff Bennet to cover his brothers' involvement in the heist and this act of robbing the drugs begs to bring in the Dixie Mafia that is referenced while Raylan pursues the case. Raylan also faces being seen out with Winona by another marshal and Boyd faces trouble from his old life as an admirer of his tries to pitch an idea of a union to him but it ends horribly. Great episode with a good balance of laughs and gunplay to satisfy us blood thirsters.