Season 2 Episode 2

The Life Inside

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 2011 on FX

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  • A stand-alone episode, i.e., the ongoing drama involving Harlan County's expanding drug business and the players involved, wasn't part of the story.

    In addition to the interesting plot, we are also witnessing Raylan's confusion about his ex-wife. It would seem that Winona wants Raylan back - and he isn't doing anything to discourage her. Personally, I don't care for Winona - she seems stuck-up and indecisive; as her soon to be ex? husband states to Raylan "...she left you once and came to me, she'll do it again..". This doesn't bode well for Raylan; he could possibly get his heart broken. Better to go back to Ava, before she decides she's in love with Boyd.

    The plot involved a prison escape; the escapee was a pregnant inmate, and we learn that the man who helps her break out, has been hired by the baby's father to kill her. Of course, their plan is to sell the newborn, to the highest bidder. Baby and mother are rescued, of course. Next week, we go back to the Bennets, who are making a bid to be Harlan County's reigning crime family.
  • Justified goes for the trigger

    The Bennett Family begins their raising of Loretta and tell her that her father was spirited away further south without her knowing. Boyd and Raylan have a sit down about business and Boyd's outlaw ways. Raylan is then given an assignment of transporting a pregnant inmate to a doctor's appointment where she is aided in her escape by two men. They plan to deliver her baby and hand him over to the father after they kill her. Raylan and a fellow marshal go in hot pursuit after her. Raylan's affair with Winona is thrown a curveball when her husband shows up proclaiming that he will win her back. This is a superior episode of Justified as it may have been a formula episode but the story arcs for the overall season as well as the episode blended well together and the show seems to have found a balance of individual episodic content and season arc. As always Timothy Olyphant delivers as well as Walton Goggins, who surprisingly has cozied up with Ava.
  • 202

    "The Life Inside" is yet another good episode of Justified. While I am not really liking Jeremy Davies' character on this series, I am not prepared to write him off just yet. What I did like though was the storyline in tonight's episode. A nice one-off story that had me very intrigued. Was he going to cut the baby out? Of course not, but there was still enough dramatic buildup to tease the idea.

    I was stunned to see them pull the trigger so quickly on the bad guy too, but then again that is Justified for you.

    Good episode, glad the show is keeping viewers too.