Season 2 Episode 1

The Moonshine War

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 2011 on FX

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  • Raylan Meets the Kentucky Brady Bunch

    After last season's semi-cliffhanger ending we saw a quick to the point conclusion as well as the transition into the new territory of this season. After Boyd is admitted to the hospital after having been shot by a cartel man on a plane and escapes the hospital, Raylan travels to Miami and confronts the cartel leader and essentially gets him to back off. Raylan is offered his old job back by his Miami boss but he wants to remain in Kentucky for the time being. Raylan and Rachel (Marshal Brooks) search for a wanted sex offender for creeping out a fourteen year old girl. Apparently, the offender works for this family called the Doyles who Raylan is already acquainted with but they are basically bad to the bone making people put their feet in bear traps and poisoning perfectly good moonshine. But this dysfunctional family unit is brought to life by the addition of Lost alumni Jeremy Davies. This season looks quite promising as the Doyles are every bit as threatening as the Crowders and then some.
  • This episode had just the right amount of "creepy" vs. "cool". Just sorry Raylan didn't have chance to say, "It was justified."

    The creepy part was the presence of a pedophile sex offender, who upon his release from prison, gets a job with a family of "pot farmers"; they have cornered the market. The pedophile is sent to a local to threaten him because he's growing pot on his own - there he meets the guy's 14 year old daughter, and comes on to her. The farmer calls the local tip line on the pedophile, which brings Raylan Givens to his door. Much mayhem ensues, including the kidnapping of the 14 year old. The crime family, who are questioned by Raylan, take out their anger on the farmer in a particularly nasty way. Good ep - looking forward to many more.
  • 201

    Raylan Givens is back, and TV is better off for that. He returned in his perfect old West form here tonight, by spraying gasoline on someone so they could not shoot him and by knowing when he was walking into a trap in the beginning.

    I also liked Billy Abbott appearing as a sex offender. Hopefully this leads to more primetime work for him. And you can't hate on a Daniel Faraday appearance either.

    The show is unique, I will give that up, but at times it feels a little too slow-moving. That's to be expected given the premise, but if Justified wants to retain the 3.5 million viewers it got for tonight's episode it will need to be a little bit "zippier."

    Decent start, but hopefully it gets a little better than this.
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