Season 3 Episode 5

Thick as Mud

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 2012 on FX

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  • Cute, funny and devastating

    This episode has a lot going on. On the surface it's a quasi-comedic chase as Raylan and Rachel try to track down Dewey Crowe and halt his crime spree... As a panicked, none-too-bright Dewey attempts to raise $20,000 to buy back his own kidneys by a series of heists in places where he's highly unlikely to find any cash sales. There is the wider conspiracy involving nurses and jail breaks, and Raylan's spidey senses spotting a lie.

    As ever the comedic goings on are bracketed by a far darker series of events. Raylan living the happy dream with Winona in Gary and Winona's house, Raylan catching the hospital nurse and nearly dying at her hands before saving himself by shooting her, the distress that Raylan is obviously feeling as well as thinking about what Winona wants from him, telling Art that it's time he leaves the marshals' service... to the sad moment that an injured and dopey Raylan discovers that his happy little dream was just that, a dream, and Winona has left him. Art knows that Winona was leaving Raylan, she only returned to his side when he was shot during the takedown at Mags' place when he went to save Loretta from herself.

    The many layers that this episode has make it for me one of the highlights of this outstanding series.
  • Thick as Mud

    Coming off last week's good episode we had another one of high quality here tonight with a shootout at the end that I could not believe, and even Raylan admittedly could not believe. Psych's Maggie Lawson showed some range in her guest appearance here and the whole search for $20,000 as quick as possible, all for it to be for nothing was a good twist.

    Action, comedy, suspense, this episode had it all.
  • A Kidney Saved is $20,000 earned

    Following Dewey's up in the air fate last week the doctor, Lance, tells Dewey he took his kidneys and that he has four hours to gather 20,000 dollars to buy his kidneys back from him and the violent processes Dewey's body will go through should his body fail. The opening sequence is particularly adrenaline packed as Dewey steals a car right after getting out of the motel. Raylan and Winona have some words after he comes back at two a.m. and that she's tired of trying to change him and that he's the only one for her. Dewey goes on a desperate streak of robberies but gets blindsided when asking for directions to the meet and a shotgun wielding convenience store owner open's fire on him and Dewey locks himself in the back of the store. Raylan, meanwhile going off the trail of Dewey visits the prison guard he decked with his car last week and "pressures" him with lack of morphine to talk about organ stealing. Guard man says that only Lance the nurse was into that stuff and that gives the Marshals an idea of how Dewey's predicament is. After going to the convenience store and exposes the nurse's lie with his new medical information that losing your kidneys would be akin to going to sleep. Dewey checks this out by trying to piss and sure enough he can and it was all a lie. With Dewey out of the way it swaps over to Boyd who tell Ava that he's going after whoever turned Devil. He goes to Tanner, the man he knows Dewey had to go to, knowing the danger of Tanner's higher up friends he does business with. After delivering a message in beating the hell out of Tanner and taking his few months stash of Oxy pills Boyd tells Tanner to send the message up the chain to his boss. It's also revealed that Limehouse was lying to Dickie Bennett when said that the couple thousand dollars was all that was left of Mags' old money. The prison guard at the hospital dies of a stroke and Raylan smells a rat in the nurse who he encountered in the guard's room and goes to her home to question her. Turns out Lance is there and when she confesses to killing the guy Lance injects Raylan with a tranquilizer. When the two don't agree what to do with him she allows Lance to take Raylan's organs but in the bathtub. After taking Raylan to the bathroom and into the bathtub (and stowing his sidearm in the back of pants) Lance is shot by the woman who shoots Lance and then aims the gun at Raylan. Raylan does his thing and with the gun that was in Lance's pants (no, not that one pervert) he shoots the woman who is surprised he shot her. Raylan is given a medical ok and Art says he's very lucky to have been able to do it since they gave him enough sedative to put out a rhino. Raylan gets driven home by Art who says that he needs a new line of work but Art tells him that he has just had a rough couple of days (basically that Raylan can do no other work than this and that they both know it). Boyd meets with Qarles who comes to Johnny's bar and tells him that he got his message and that he should keep the Oxy pills as a gift and that they should work together but Boyd accuses him that his people would eventually end up doing all of the work and Qarles will be cashing in on a place that is not rightfully. With his well worded "screw you" to Qarles the enemies have been made. Now Raylan and Boyd both have the same enemy as before last season with the Bennetts. In the end it was rather ambiguous as Raylan reads a note Winona left, and she's clearly gone but we don't know where or why. Probably something logical, but it was a nice addition to throw this episode's way. For an almost midseason episode this was an adrenaline-shot to the chest with Dewey's story laced with the rest of the little bit of season long arc stuff sprinkled in. Masterfully paced and acted, Justified has certainly become the cool kid on the block of FX and among cable networks all around. The change in tone this season is in great opposition to last season and even Season 1. And the Limehouse connection to the woman who witnessed Boyd beating Tanner to send a message to Qarles was a great interwoven like style that shows the opportunist that Limehouse really is capable of being. In closing when Qarles was being frisked by Boyd's men was anyone else thinking "check the sleeves! check the sleeves! Dang it!" Dewey was as funny as ever, ripping off a strip club at ten in the morning.
  • Endtimes for Dewey

    While the bad boys were doing their meet and greet, this episode belonged to Dewey. I was surprised how far he got on his crime spree just to end up in the storage locker, amazing stuff. The 4 kidneys was just the icing on the cake and almost made me fall of my chair. Another superb Justified episode. Love this show!