Season 4 Episode 4

This Bird Has Flown

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2013 on FX

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  • Searching For Chicken Man

    Right after being ripped off by Lindsay and Randall Raylan and Rachel begin to search for them while Rachel is kept in the dark as to the amount and nature of how Raylan came about the money in the first place. Randall goes to the guy who gave him the chance to earn while fighting a few episodes ago to get the connections to start being a fight manager, but only in cock fighting (chickens) not fight managing people. Raylan gets to the guy the next morning after a wild party and has a one on one with the guy while he's in bed with two women. Raylan telling him that he had no eyes for him was a nice touch to show that he simply wanted Randall and his money back. He points them in Randall and Lindsay's direction while the romantic duo rip off a bottle of champagne from a convenience store while Lindsay is trying to buy a good kind of camera. While the two are about to get intimate along the side of the road Randall's legendary level of jealousy when he doubles back to the convenience store because he thought that Lindsay's flirting was legitimate and beats the guy really severely. The moment of him going into the store and we hear "Hey asshole" while the off-screen sound of punching begins and Lindsay calls Raylan for help. Raylan finds them while Rachel has to head to work and Raylan comes equipped with a bean bag gun shotgun and introduces Randall to the business end of it while saying he shouldn't have taken his money. I was wrong, Raylan actually did pretty well fighting Randall (who granted was fighting not to full ability because of the broken ribs probably from the bean bag) until the fight is broken up by Lindsay who shoots Raylan and then Randall. She tells Raylan that his money is in the back of their van which turns out to be full of chickens and not cash. Raylan's weakness for women being his downfall was a nice touch and rather sad when he said, "I thought she liked And then when she tells him about the money his forced out, "I knew you liked me" was sadly shared in a moment with the severely beaten convenience store attendant. Boyd on the other hand deals with the untimely death of Billy the Preacher after last week's ceremony of sorts. He gets Shelby to put him on speaker phone when interviewing the sister of Billy saying she knows things but she doesn't wish to pursue them since she deems God's final judgment is enough punishment for Boyd. Raylan handcuffs Randall to the van and calls the state trooper about his warrant out for his parole violation in Florida. Raylan shooting him after Randall offers him to get his money back by representing him with the chickens was a nice finishing touch as Lindsay set off into the sunset with the mystery about her and Randall's, "In the end isn't she worth it? Raylan calls Rachel and tells her that it was the universe telling him he wasn't meant to have the money or be with Lindsay. I hope they do more with Rachel/Raylan team ups in future installments and that we get to see Tim in action again soon. Ellen May coming back wanting to get back into Boyd's and Eva's good graces by coming back to work but Eva remains unconvinced by her loyalty after threatening to reveal their killing of the pimp. This combined with Billy's sister not wishing to pursue them makes them a little more comfortable getting their enemies dealt with. Boyd suggests something else and sending Ellen May off to Alabama to work for his cousin Lonnie who owns a sleazy hotel and Ellen May can remake herself. Ellen May doesn't want to go along with it but Eva talks her into it. Before Colt takes her to the bus depot Ellen May assures Eva that she will never tell anyone what they did to her old pimp which forces Eva and Boyd's hands and while in route to the bus depot Colt gets the call to take her out. He stops at a gas station to take a bump of drugs in the bathroom leaving Ellen May to pump gas having told her Eva wanted her back working in the prostitution business. When he comes out, gun in hand, she has disappeared and is nowhere to be found. Not the most suspenseful development Justified has ever had and I'm not sure I should care about a tertiary character like Ellen May when she gets herself into these situations by opening her mouth like that all the time. But Raylan not getting his money back and the closing of the Lindsay/Randall story left him willing to kick some more ass and possibly finding Drew Thompson finally. Not the best episode but thrilling enough of the rough and tumble hard boiled Southern landscape of both criminal and marshal elements to keep me going even though it's not the strongest this show has had to offer.