Season 4 Episode 3

Truth and Consequences

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2013 on FX

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  • The Hunt For Drew Thompson

    Not a bad episode. We learned this week a little more about Drew Thompson, who according to Art is a material witness in a sealed federal case that he's working on getting unsealed. The episode begins with Raylan in bed waiting for Lindsey to finish up talking to Randall, her ex-husband, who she apparently used to rip off people with until he beat a guy half to death for laying hands on her. Raylan doesn't exactly take the news well but they do end up getting back to sleeping together as a sort of make up. Raylan follows Randall to the gym where he has been sleeping and tells him that he looked up his jacket and that he was imprisoned in Florida. According to his parole he couldn't leave the state of Florida on conditions of his parole. Randall and Raylan's standoff is quite unique since Raylan really wouldn't stand a chance in hell against this guy unless he had a weapon or used his gun. Rachel appears to be going off the rails since she failed to call Raylan for backup while following a fugitive and Art begins to worry about her state of mind (might have something to do with her leaving her husband). Raylan and his deciding to meet at six pm was much like meeting at sundown in a western movie. Tim and Raylan go to visit the widow of Drew Thompson, who looks damn good for a woman supposedly in her 40's or 50's. She is a psychic or sort that interestingly deduces Raylan's encounter with Drew later in the day. When an FBI agent approaches the house Raylan tells her to go the bathroom, he pulls out his credentials and Raylan's snarky remark of, "Hear that Tim, don't shoot him unless it seems appropriate," while he pulls out his badge was typical Raylan. Drew's ex-wife gets knocked out when she tries to sneak out the window. The FBI agent is supposedly there to look into the autopsy of Drew Thompson, who is actually Waldo Truth, and about the sealed witness document with the FBI. But this is really air thin as an excuse and Raylan easily sees through the bull when Agent Barnes follows him to the gym where he is to meet Randall for their showdown only to find that Drew had supposedly left town. Raylan asking the janitor asking if Randall looked scared when he left. Barnes's phone conversation with the guy who took Drew's ex-wife about the danger of not finding Drew means that he witnessed something major league trouble wise. The kidnapper ties the ex-wife to a chair in a motel room and begins to interrogate her as to the whereabouts of her ex-husband Drew Thompson. Barnes tells Raylan that he is in deep with the "wrong people" and him drawing his weapon to start a potential firefight outside of the gym was the most tense part of the episode talking about the prison time for Raylan killing a federal officer. However, the suicide doesn't seem to affect Raylan at all and didn't seem to come up at any later point in the episode but in reality the paperwork would be a mile high before Raylan could go back to active duty. Boyd tries to bribe Billy and her sister to leave town and when he sister refuses unless he buys them a place to go Boyd sends two of his thugs to send them out but a bunch of conveniently placed snakes that bite one of them terribly within an inch of life. Luckily, Boyd gets a doctor to fix him up before sending him to a hospital. Johnny is nowhere to be found and Wynn Duffy bringing up Devil's betrayal from last season and saying that he would've heard something about Boyd's death and Devil's uprising. Johnny offers to kill Boyd or bring him to Duffy saying that he can trust Johnny in his business endeavors. Interesting development seeing as if Johnny really wanted Boyd dead he could've thrown in with Devil last season. But Barnes gave Raylan the location of the ex-wife before he killed himself and the marshals intercept the kidnapper before he kills the ex-wife. Apparently, the thug who abducted her was working for Theo Tonin (a callback to Qarles boss last season looking to expand into Kentucky) and Drew Thompson witnessed Theo kill someone which makes him very valuable. Now what they had on Barnes will hopefully come up in later episodes, but this overall mystery of where is Drew Thompson really feels fresh to the Justified formula. And the whole scene at the end with the snake that Boyd got, because the sister hadn't been able to milk it and make it tame, and his call to Billy to test his faith was provocative but seemed to go the wrong way. It would've been much more interesting not to have the snake bite him and have the irony of Boyd making Billy appear more holy. Boyd was terrific as usual, particularly his bit of having been where Billy was and that what he has is hubris not divine speaking. It would've mixed up the story a lot more and not seemed to have done away with Billy as a story so soon. But Rachel and Raylan's heart to heart scene at the bar was good and developed their working relationship a little further. But Raylan getting ripped off by Lindsey, who had been waiting for him, and took Raylan's fugitive money (5 grand I think I remember it was?) from the Season 4 opener and supposedly split town with Randall which isn't that surprising since that's their modus operandi of their past criminal life. Things keep piling up for Raylan and now he has a personal matter to track down Lindey and this might bring Florida and the Miami office back into the fold. Also having Theo Tonin factor back in, he was pretty awesome last year with Qarles as the baddie, the mix can makes things super interesting maybe even crossing state lines. Not the best episode but still with the southern flare that Justified does so well. Oh and for the sake of argument Lindsey could've been forced to go with Randall which might explain the disarray beyond the robbing Raylan angle because she didn't seem to want to have much to do with Randall.
  • Truth and Consequences

    Not a terrible episode, but I thought they ended the Preacher's run on this show a bit too early by having Boyd expose hi like this.

    I was also disappointed with them not showing the fight between Raylan and the ex either, when they led us to believe there would be at least some kind of confrontation at the gym.
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