Season 3 Episode 8

Watching the Detectives

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 06, 2012 on FX

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  • All Eyes on Raylan

    In a superior stroke of pacing, the writers decided to heep a lot of the stuff that they had for Raylan to deal with and stuff it all into this one episode, which worked masterfully in its execution. First, Gary's murder, then Tonin naming Raylan as dirty and in Boyd's pocket which causes the eavesdropping FBI to investigate Raylan. In what seems to be like just another quiet morning the bar owner tells Raylan that someone was fooling with his trunk earlier and he sees nothing missing for looks over it. While being interrogated about his whereabouts in Gary's death his fingerprints show up on the bullet used to kill Gary. When the police question Wynn Duffy and Qarles to get the truth of the bullet throwing story they both lie out of their teeth and say that Raylan has indeed been harassing him but did in fact beat Duffy extensively. Limehouse uses Tanner, the one who hit Boyd's oxy clinic, to become Qarles's new henchie but Qarles refuses even after Limehouse himself shows up to offer his support to Qarles instead of Boyd, although he is playing both sides. Boyd doesn't really show up in this episode a whole lot other than one scene. Sheriff Napier's car is blown up as a way to dirty Boyd's image and Shelby's. When Winona is brought in and Raylan tells her that Gary is dead and that he was also involved with the Dixie Mafia hitmen who tried to kill Raylan and her last season. Raylan tells her he needs her help to clear his name and to find the gun. When he gives the detectives the ok to search his car while simultaneously being interrogated by the FBI about his and Boyd's involvement he realizes that his car might have the gun planted in it. When Tim is told to take him downstairs to talk to the detectives he lets Raylan go voluntarily saying, "Well I got you to the ground floor" and then leaves Raylan to his own devices. But it's too late, but in a twist the gun isn't in his car. Winona calls him and says she found the gun in her old house and Raylan tells her to get out of there before local PD gets there to search the place and she gets away clean. When Art catches the FBI special agent in charge in a lie that he must have an informant to know Raylan was dirty he refuses to name Tonin's surveillance as his source so the investigation is dropped. Granted it doesn't clear Raylan's name in any case, but he did dodge clean of the murder charge and the corruption charges. The most sad part about the episode is really Winona's words after she gives the gun to Raylan to dispose of, "Don't try to find me again." This would be a great sendoff for her character for the rest of the season until the baby is born anyway, then surely she'll have more of a part to play. But right now sidelining her makes sense with Raylan having to shoulder so much now. But that's not all, Tonin's father denies Qarles his money to expand his operation since he had to shut down the house as per Raylan's seizing its contents. When Qarles pulls a gun on Tonin he tells him that he hasn't thought it through and that what remains of his life will be a "short, lonely existence." Qarles tells him to leave and it showed us that Qarles isn't all pure psycho since he has shown that he does indeed care for his family and the implications of killing Tonin's son would bring them in danger and make him less able to prove how useful he is to the organization. Also Duffy's and Raylan's confrontation in the house where Wynn is painting over the presumed bloodspray of the guy who was tied up there left and Duffy threatens Raylan in a good old fashioned "mine is so much bigger than yours" contest. And Qarles accepting Limehouse's help was a predictable move after all that's happened but it makes perfect sense. This was a phenomenal episode, and as a side note it's really cool that Raylan keeps a spare key in his gas filling place.
  • Watching the Detectives

    A bit of a slow and drawn out episode, but when there was action through the dialogue I enjoyed it, because there was sharp writing there. It was just a very drag it out pace and for that I was a bit disappointed because this show has built some momentum as of late. The pace of tonight's filler episode baffled me a bit.