Season 4 Episode 2

Where's Waldo?

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2013 on FX

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  • Where's Waldo

    The cliffhanger was a little bit odd, but hopefully it gives some villain to the show, a show that succeeded so much because they introduced a new one last season. Raylan giving shmoopy talk is not why we watch the show.

    Episode was okay overall, but it's a little devoid of action.
  • You Can't Handle the Waldo Truth!

    Raylan and Cassie continue their relationship and while in bed Raylan agrees to go take care of the morning bar deliveries so that they can get back to what they were doing. When downstairs a man comes in and forces his way in even though Raylan tells him that the bar is closed. The guy is big and could probably take Raylan and when he asks Raylan is he can make him get him to leave and his honest reaction of, "I don't know. And I'd rather not find That seemed to satisfy the guy and Raylan not wanting to just fight prove his manhood was something that Season 1 reason wouldn't have done showing that he really has started to get more world weary after his time moving back to Harlan. The guy is shown later to be fighting in an upper class neighborhood backyard shirtless against another guy. It is shown that he went to the owner of the house "looking for action" and got five hundred dollars since he was an unknown. Two guys try to shake him down for losing money by betting on the other guy. Him "racooning" the guy who wusses out after he truck slams the other guy was really kind of cool. Art has a meeting with another Marshal from another district in Kentucky who brings him a bottle of bourbon to celebrate his 57th birthday. Art telling him about how the other guy's town must be cake compared to his, since the other guy wants his desk, and his following descriptions of Tim, Rachel, and Raylan were laughably truthful and showed how truly dysfunctional his little team is. He also tells Raylan about Arlo killing the guy who found out about the bag last week, who just so happened to be Dixie Mafia. Raylan tells Art about the bag and the driver's license of Waldo Truth and Art, Tim, and Raylan all decide to hunt down the Truth clan who live in Harlan. Turns out that there is an arrest warrant from 1982 out on Waldo which technically makes him a fugitive. They find out that the truth clan are drawing disability checks in Waldo's name and after listing a bunch of off-the-wall crimes the family have all done they wait near the neighborhood mailbox where the youngest Truth comes to claim the check. They pursue in Raylan's towncar but are made by the boy on the bike who leads them to his house and calls out that he's being chased by perverts. The rest of the Truth clan come out of the house guns blazing and Raylan, Art, and Tim all draw on them and tell them they're after Waldo. The matriarch tells them that there will be no bloodshed but that Art does kind of look like a pervert. She tells them that she met Art back in the 80's when she was engaged. When Waldo comes back and shows them identification and they place him under arrest he says that his real name's Hector and has been impersonating Waldo for years to keep the disability going which is fraud obviously. Then the wife tells them that the real Waldo, who she once stabbed in the butt in an argument (it's important trust me), left one day with a pilot named Drew Thompson talking like he'd never be coming back again. Art offers the name having been at the Marshals service the day that the body had fallen from the sky and cocaine came to Harlan. But the body, beyond recognition was thought to be Drew Thompson's but it was actually Waldo Truth's (because of the visible stab scars on the buttocks). So now the question is where is the real Drew Thompson? In other news, Ella May isn't spying on Billy the Preacher for Boyd and she wants to leave whoring but Eva tells her that after killing her pimp the way that they did there is no salvation for "people like them," and that if she ever doesn't show up for a night of work like she did then she's done. Ella May returns to the church and tells Billy about how she can't join the congregation to which he questions. Boyd begins to investigate, along with his old war buddy, what's causing Oxy sales to go down. He catches a dealer slinging heroin in his backyard which he verifies is Dixie Mafia product. He makes a meeting with Wynn Duffy who comes to bar and Boyd offers to be business partners but Duffy says that he can't trust him. Duffy shoots the dealer for being stupid enough to go on Boyd's turf and asks if Boyd knows anything about the Dixie Mafia soldier that Arlo killed to which Boyd says he doesn't know. Now whether this is the beginning of a business deal or not remains to be seen but the last straw is that Billy sends kids to hand out church fliers to the bar which forces Boyd's hand. He goes to Shelby for one last favor, even after the warning of the cops coming for him last season, and that after he gives the background on Billy and his sister they're through and Shelby will be the Sheriff the county needs. Boyd agrees and finds out that Billy has been through five cities in the past few years. He goes to the church and has a dialogue about faith and how he used to be just like Billy like he was back in season 1 and 2. Goggins turned in the expected Boyd is amazing speech giver stuff that makes me curious about his Emmy chances this year and hope he wins or at least gets nominated. But he deduces that the sister is up to no good after Billy says that no one will ever have to pay to be a part of their church after Boyd's point of them being similar preachers just with "different collection So the sister might be the one involved in criminal activity to support the church or something is up. Great episode, the hillbilly Truth family was the weirdest part of the episode to watch making me think that there would most certainly be a shootout and at least they took their guns away. Also, the end where the guy who harassed Raylan at the beginning is Cassie's wife? Didn't see that one coming. This season is looking good so far showing the big bad formula can be done well especially on a show like this one.