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  • Season 1
    • Karissa, Nathan
      Episode 8
      Karissa, a drug-using 17-year-old, ran away and went on a two week party binge before the cops showed up and arrested her. Nathan, a 17-year-old, was arrest for burglary. He claims he was set up by a friend, but still learns hard lessons serving time.
    • Steve, Javier
      Episode 7
      Steve, a jock caught drinking may lose his football scholarship after he runs from the police. Javier feels that he has let his parents down after he is arrested for burglary.
    • 2/22/07
      Kashmiere is accused of stealing from her employer. Will the judge let her go home to them or will she remain locked-up? Francesca, only 13, explains to her family what her weekends at juvie are like.
    • Dale, Jeff
      Episode 5
      Dale gets arrested for running away. At his trial, he tries to convince the judge that all of his problems are because of his mom, what will the judge decide?? Jeff had a BB gun and was arrested for criminal recklessness. He tries to convince the judge that he didn’t to anything.moreless
    • 2/11/07
      RJ goes on a drug induced crime spree and winds up in juvie (still under the influence). The judge must decide if he is a danger to himself or others. A teen fight causes two sisters, Jasmine and Jacinta to end up in juvie. They claim self-defense, but the police report says that they went looking for a fight. The judge must decide what the truth is.moreless
    • Sierra, Rashad
      Episode 3
      Sierra ran away from home to be with her boyfriend. She ended up in juvie with the her future in the judges hands. Class clown Rashad was the target of a practical joke and lashed out at the pranksters landing him in juvie with battery charges.
    • 2/8/07
      Ryan is arrested for driving under the influence of pot. While in juvie he sees his best friend from elementary school, Stephen, who tells him about life then and now. LaRico is a Katrina survivor who is getting in fights at his new school, after a fight on the bus he is arrested.moreless
    • Sara, Cordell
      Episode 1
      TV Rated: G

      We meet two teens (Sara and Cordell) in trouble with the law in Crown Point, Indiana.

      Sara: Crime: Running away from home. Summary: Her Mother asked her to come home and work it out between the two of them. Find out why she ran away and why her Mother lied to get her to return.

      Cordell: Crime: Auto Theft. Summary: He said vs. he said, but what will the judge do?

      Who stays and who (if anyone) goes home?moreless