Season 1 Episode 4

Jasmine, Jacinta, RJ

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

At intake RJ, 16, is being booked for burglary, criminal trespass, auto-theft and theft. RJ says that he's been here before. All of this happened while he was under the influence of a large amount of Xanax. Someone is brought in to access him before the rest of the intake is done. Richard said that he took a lot of his mother's Xanax and he remembers riding a bike after that but nothing else. He doesn't remember breaking into anyone's house. He states that the last time he was in juvie he was also under the influence of Xanax and was on house arrest, which he now violated. RJ wants to talk to his mom. RJ is taken to the showed and must wash with Lice-All to kill any lice and crabs. He is given prison clothes. Kristy Jones, RJ's probation officer show up and she is not happy with him. He says that he took the Xanax to have fun. She tells him that she is going to ask the judge to keep him detained. She feels that this is the only way to keep him clean until she can get him into a treatment program. RJ feels that juvie is not the place for him as he is not a bad person, it's the Xanax that did it. The next day RJ must meet with the psychologist. He tells him that he stress is from money problems at home as his mom is really sick. The psychologist encourages him to talk about his problems. RJ was born with out a right arm, but says this doesn't slow him down. After high-school he wants to work with disabled kids. RJ got a letter from his girlfriend and that makes him happy and sad. He says that this makes him want to change as he doesn't want to hurt the people that he loves anymore. In the hearing RJ states that he is committed to becoming drug free. The judge orders him to remain detained for substance abuse counseling and then moved to a drug treatment program. A week later, RJ's mom came to visit him and tell him about the rehab facility that he is going to. RJ spent 5 months in rehab and then was transferred to independent living. His counseling has been successful and he is working towards his GED.

Jasmine, 17, said that her and her sister got into a fight as self-defense when they were gathered around their cousin who was fighting another girl. She got cut in her ear and on her back. Jacinta, 16, said that when she saw her sister being cut she attacked the girl and stabbed her. She claims it was self-defense but is worried that her charge will be attempted murder. After intake the sisters are reunited and they are scared for each other. Jacinta is worried about her charge as she knows that this could keep her locked up until she is 18. The sister talk and tell each other that they need to pray. The night before the court hearing Jasmine is crying because she realizes that she could go home and her sister could have to stay. Jacinta stays up reading the bible knowing that she might not be going home. The girls are cuffed and taken to the holding cell before court. The sister hearing is held together. We find out that the girls have been held back in school. Jasmine takes the stand to tell her side of the story. The lawyer for Jacinta doesn't ask her to take the stand and asks the judge for other alternatives of punishment including house arrest as it was self-defense of a third party (her sister). He doesn't feel that she is a danger to the community. The judge doesn't feel that it was entirely self-defense as the police report says they were driving around looking for the fight. The judge wants more time to think about the case and states that she will have an answer later in the day. The sisters sit and pray waiting for the decision of the judge. The judge decides that the girls are being released to the custody of their parents with an electronic ankle bracelet. They will only be allowed to go to school. If they remove the bracelet they will be brought back to juvie. Both sisters were charged with disorderly conduct. After doing 24 hours of community service they were released from house arrest. They are now home schooled and are expected to get their diplomas in 2007.