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  • Ever wonder what happens in juvenile detention? Well take a look

    I like the show however, I have to say "WHAT THE HELL" What's up with the fact that all black children on the show were sent there for really nothing. LaRico a new kid in town let this guy hit on him for two weeks before fighting back, and to top it off, he was a hurricane katrina victim. Yeah, tell the teacher right, but someone is picking on a new kid for two weeks straight and no teacher noticed? Then Cordell, who is like an UBER-Student gets sideswiped by a car, the only one not to leave the scene, unlike his trifling friends, and he had to go to juvie, what about the guy that hit him? Then we have the two sisters, who were provoked into a fight, after their cousin was getting jumped and to top it off one of the girls was cut on the ear, back, and shoulder, and she's not the victim?? What about the other girl, they say she was stabbed, but by who, and if so, if someone was stabbing at your sister wouldn't you get her off anyway you can? The show is good, but it is hella one-sided. And all the other kids, mostly white, are in for burglary, running away(not that serious), and smoking marijuana while driving
  • Kids go to a juvenile detention center. Don't hate this show just 'cause it's on MTV. It's actually pretty good.

    When I saw my first preview for this show, I thought "Wow, this could be pretty neat..." but because it was airing on MTV I was a little worried. But to my surprise, I found this show intriguing. Basically, the show is divided into two parts following two teens who have been sent to Juvie for their various crimes. It's nice that MTV has actually decided to fill a time slot with a show that actually has a moral and messages. It does well by giving background and following these kids and getting their own accounts. Finally, it concludes with the court hearing in which these kids must prove they've learned their lesson. Sometimes the judge makes bad decisions(one guy arrested for DUI and hit-and-run after driving while smoking pot is released. Afterwards he fails a random drug test) but overall her rulings are usually good. So if you're tired of watching crap like "My Super Sweet Sixteen" on MTV, you now have a great alternative.
  • a show about the "bad" kids...

    Looks like MTV did it again. Although there was much controversy surrounding the filming and release of the show I think they have another hit. This is just the opposite feel on the spoiled kids on Laguna Beach or Sweet Sixteen. This show follows the lives of juvenile offenders from the time that they are brought to Lake County Juvenile Center in Indiana to the time that they see the judge and she decides their fate. We get to hear what they think about being locked up, what they feel will happen in the future and how they are dealing with their parents about the situation. I also like the fact that there is a little blurb at the end telling what the person is up to a few months down the road. Hope this has the staying power of other MTV shows.