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  • Ever wonder what happens in juvenile detention? Well take a look

    I like the show however, I have to say "WHAT THE HELL" What's up with the fact that all black children on the show were sent there for really nothing. LaRico a new kid in town let this guy hit on him for two weeks before fighting back, and to top it off, he was a hurricane katrina victim. Yeah, tell the teacher right, but someone is picking on a new kid for two weeks straight and no teacher noticed? Then Cordell, who is like an UBER-Student gets sideswiped by a car, the only one not to leave the scene, unlike his trifling friends, and he had to go to juvie, what about the guy that hit him? Then we have the two sisters, who were provoked into a fight, after their cousin was getting jumped and to top it off one of the girls was cut on the ear, back, and shoulder, and she's not the victim?? What about the other girl, they say she was stabbed, but by who, and if so, if someone was stabbing at your sister wouldn't you get her off anyway you can? The show is good, but it is hella one-sided. And all the other kids, mostly white, are in for burglary, running away(not that serious), and smoking marijuana while driving