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  • Kids go to a juvenile detention center. Don't hate this show just 'cause it's on MTV. It's actually pretty good.

    When I saw my first preview for this show, I thought "Wow, this could be pretty neat..." but because it was airing on MTV I was a little worried. But to my surprise, I found this show intriguing. Basically, the show is divided into two parts following two teens who have been sent to Juvie for their various crimes. It's nice that MTV has actually decided to fill a time slot with a show that actually has a moral and messages. It does well by giving background and following these kids and getting their own accounts. Finally, it concludes with the court hearing in which these kids must prove they've learned their lesson. Sometimes the judge makes bad decisions(one guy arrested for DUI and hit-and-run after driving while smoking pot is released. Afterwards he fails a random drug test) but overall her rulings are usually good. So if you're tired of watching crap like "My Super Sweet Sixteen" on MTV, you now have a great alternative.