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  • Season 1
    • 7/5/10

      When the Space-Time Manipulator goes wild, it heralds the invasion of the Korven and Thorne intends to help them using K-9's regeneration circuit that will make them indestructable as K-9 faces its greatest challenge.

    • 6/28/10

      Thorne wants one thing and one thing only and that is K-9's regeneration circuit. He claims to have K-9's memory file and offers to return it in exchange of the regeneration circut which K-9 accepts, only for the file to be a bomb, ready to destroy K-9 once and for all.

    • The Last Precinct
      Episode 24

      After their jobs are taken over by the CCPC, former police officers soon discover the CCPC are being upgraded with alien tech by the Department leading them to make a stand and hold Gryffen hostage.

      K9 and Starkey have to battle the intruders whilst Darius comes face to face with his past when his father returns.

    • Angel of the North
      Episode 23

      Gryffen is taken by Thorne back to his native country Canada to where the Space-Time Manipulator was found in the spaceship Fallen Angel.

      Gryffen has to face his demons in the form of the Korven and Starkey and K-9 must save him.

    • Mind Snap
      Episode 22

      Attempting to retrieve him memories before his arrival, K9 connects himself to the Space-Time Manipulator and Starkey and Gryffen soon discover but a feedback causes K9 to lose control and his self-destruct starts to activate.

    • Robot Gladiators
      Episode 21

      A criminal is using illegal robot technology so Darius goes undercover using K9 and discover that Thorne is up to something evil.

      Just what is he doing

    • 5/24/10

      The gang manage to free a time being from the Department who takes the guise of Taphoony who enjoyed being with the gang and uses her powers to age Gryffen and to drain the lifeforce of Jorjie to maintain her own existence and the gang must stop it.

    • The Custodians
      Episode 19

      A new virtual reality game sweeps England but the gang find another motive where players are being turned into scaly green aliens.

      It is up to K9 and Starkey to save Darius and Jorjie from the same fate.

    • Mutant Copper
      Episode 18

      A CCPC officer becomes rough when it develops a personality and consciousness. The gang take it to the mansion but it begins to cause mayhem

    • 5/3/10

      Setting a trap for K-9, Thorne deliberately leaves a card for them to find which results in Starkey being wisked away to an alien planet where Thorne accidentally joins him.

      It is up to the rest of the gang to retrieve them

    • The Cambridge Spy
      Episode 16

      An accident with the STM machine sends Jorjie back into the past where she finds Darius's great grandfather who looks just like him but they are arrested.

      This causes the time line to be fractured and if unsorted, Darius will not have existed.

    • Black Hunger
      Episode 15

      An aliendevice that literally eats rubbish is something that the department are using.

      Darrius, seeing this as an opportunity to earn money steals the device but things go from bad to worse an alien virus escapes from the devise, threatening to destroy everything.

    • The Last Oak Tree
      Episode 14

      Anexhibit has been taken from a Museumand K9, Starkey, Darius and Jorjie are on the trail of the culprit.

      A giant menace lurks in the sewers but who is the real threat, Drake or the alien.

      Starkey and K9 face annihilation as they try to rescue the alien's hatchlings before a gas bomb destroys them all.

    • Aeolian
      Episode 13

      Soundwaves strike out across London, causing chaos and confusion, leaving Jorjie trapped under rubble as Starkey chases after the last of the Aeolians.

      Drake, under the impression that Gryffen is responsible is out to destory the Aeolian. Can he be stopped.

    • Alien Avatar
      Episode 12

      The River Thames has been polluted but not by pollutions from Boats but from Aliens.

      Drake has imprisoned the alien race known as Medes and is attempting to create aduplicate key to control their ship.

      Can K-9 rescue the Medes?

    • Oroborus
      Episode 11

      Time is being disrupted with parts of it being eaten away. This causes Starkey to make a discovery about his parents as he comes face to face with a Time Snake.

      As a result, Starkey is the only one who can face the Oroborus. Is offering himself as a meal the only way to defeat it?

    • Curse of Anubis
      Episode 10

      Jorjie, Gryffen and Starkey are under the control of the Anubians, a race K-9 has helped in the past but K-9 has no memory. As a result, Darrius is thrown out of the house. Starkey manages to find out their true plans reading the Anubian Book of Deliverance but it is up to Darrius to free K-9 from Anubian and prevent an alien invasion.

    • Dream-Eaters
      Episode 9

      Everyone is asleep, all having nightmares. Starkey, Jorjie, Darrius and Gryffen manage to wake up but the whole world are asleep.

      An ancient stone obelisk has been unearthed by the Department which is the cause of the problem and the gang must fight to stay awake and face their fears in order to stop it.

    • Jaws of Orthrus
      Episode 8

      Drake is attacked, by K9! He has strong evidence that it was K9 but K9 has no memory of doing it and the way things are looking, K9 is in danger.

      Only Starkey and Jorjie believe K9 is innocent, even though K9 believes he did.

      Unless they can find out the truth, Drake will have K9 dismantled.

    • A storm blows across London as Jorjie, Darrius and Starkey along with K9 stay at Gryffen's mansion, only to find 3 ghostly figures, those of Gryffen's family who prepare to drain the lifes of Jorjie, Darrius and Starkey but Gryffen, keen to get his family back doesn't seem to mind.

      Can the gang convince him in time?

    • Fear Itself
      Episode 6

      There is a high level of fear about London as strange alien consciousness is at work

      K-9 has no understanding of fear and tries to understand as everyone is forced to face their fears to solve the problem.

    • Sirens of Ceres
      Episode 5

      When Jorjie is seen assualting aPolice Robot, Drake has her sent to a school butDrake uses a strange, alien substance the schoolchildren in an experiment to gain control of the population.

      Jorjie falls victim to the alien device's control and it is up to K9 and Starkey to find and destroy the devices

    • 2/1/10

      An alien "bounty hunter" arrives and teams up with an evil Department Inspector called Drake. Ahab, the Bounty Hunter, claims there is a price on K9's head for murdering a Galactic peace delegate in the 50th century!

      K9's memory loss leaves him defenceless as he can't remember if he did it or not.

      K9 is forced underground to hide and assess his memory fragments, whilst Starkey, Darius and Jorjie sleep. K9 convinces himself he must be guilty and hands himself over to Drake and Ahab to face the consequences.

    • The Korven
      Episode 3

      Starkey is now homeless and K9 and Jorjie try to help, but he refuses. Darius, Gryffen's assistant, contacts them after the Professor, an agoraphobe, disappears from the mansion!

      When a warning arrives from the year 2618, K9 and the youngsters give chase to a mind-sucking alien called the Korven who has snatched Gryffen.

    • Liberation
      Episode 2

      Starkey finds himself on the run, not just by the department but from the Jixen. The Department holds aliens prisoner and Jorjie along with K-9 and Starkey attempt to free them with Jorjie finding a shock on the way

    • Regeneration
      Episode 1
      Two teenagers, Starkey and Jorjie are on the run from police and Starkey finds himself being hunted by the Jixen race. Can the robot dog K-9 save them?
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