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  • It was funny and all of that but it's kind of sad that Chef quit...

    It was funny and all of that but it's kind of sad that Chef quit... I wish he'd come back, but really it's stupid to quit over something stupid like Scientology. But, the underlying message was funny. It was funny when he says "Well maybe he's okay... No really.. They say that the last person craps his pants before he dies
  • K-Street Docudrama shown on HBO (2003) The insider's view to the ugly and not so ugly affairs of a consulting/lobbying agency-Bergstrom Lowell headed by James Carville & Mary Matalin during the Washington D.C.'s political malestorm of spin

    A dangerous and blantingly honestly satirical/reality show written by Harry Bean, directed by Stephen Soderbergh, and produced by George Clooney's Section Eight production company; that shows the convoluted Washington D.C.'s hubris, spin, and corruption. The docudrama exposes the underbelly of a myriad of intimate connections between federal governmental agencies & NGOs, between lobbyist and politicians, and U.S. political elitist 'unseen' hand in the manipulation in all of them. The plot's event horizon is the Bergstrom Lowell Consultant's who have to transverse the political highways based upon their acquired intimate knowledge in the motive for profitability of the agency. In doing so, they forge new relationships and alliances at the expense of others. The most damaging aspect of their assignments and charges concern damaging their own reputation and their agency's reputation. The show is brutal to watch as the plot is ever so subtle and involves a keen eye for political intrigue; and the viewers must have a disposition to way the systemic effects of consulting firms who operate in the Washington D.C.'s (based upon how Bergstrom & Lowell's business practices) schemming millieu.

    The payoff to the slowly and intricatly blossumming plot would have been: 1. discovering how Elliot Gould's character (Mr. Bergstrom) has been manipulating events from behind the scenes and 2. for what purpose? for pleasure? for revenge? This point of motive remains to be most uncertain. Unfortunately, these questions will never be answered as the show has not been given a second season nor a summary episode. The viewers can make some interesting predictions and conclusions about the FBI probe, but the fate of the Agency and its consultants will be forever left to ponder. Lastly, we must ask the obvious and conspiratorical question: Was the show cancelled because it revealed a little more than it was intended to do? Given the context of the probe into the CIA Leak scandal within this current presidential administration, it seemed incredibly convenient to end the series just as the FBI investigation began sending out supeonas.
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