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Waiha During summer vacation, Bunji and Fumi complained that they were bored. Dad said that he promised to bring them anywhere. That's what Dad said, but Bunji and Fumi said that they want to go to Hawaii. As Dad got into a dilemma, the move that he made is... Waiha is the Best The Kamohara family is currently in the middle of the Waiha tour. Mr. Mizunuma and Ai, and on top of that, Jon, all got dragged into the massive riot, but... Started Dad saw a poster out at a noodle shop shuddered. When he came back home, he took out a brush and ink and wrote, "Dad has also started making cold Chinese noodles!" Stroll On a hot, hot summer day, in a park that's surrounded by greenery, Mom, Bunji and Fumi randomly walk around. In the late afternoon, it feels like it got a bit cooler.moreless
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