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Future Appearance Mom's assistant, Ai, falls in love at first sight with a cool-looking guy working at the supermarket. At that moment, the cupids , who only Ai can see, appear. They give her a magical stick, but... Time Travel Mom, who is a manga artist, has to draw a story based on autumn, and struggles because it's hot summer right now. Bunji and Fumi saw her and helped her to make it feel like autumn. Boys Are... Fumi starts arguing with her rival, Kanna, over a small thing. In the future, they will live in certain big houses, when their husbands come back, they will prepare certain dishes. Neither of them are backing down... First Grade Summer Vacation The last day of summer vacation, it's unfortunately raining, but Bunji, who is wearing a raincoat, plays feverishly. Mom kind of understands Bunji's feelings.moreless
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