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My Misses Mr. Mizunuma, who is in charge of Mom, looks different. Of course, he has to be, since the other day he got married and is in the middle of his newlywed life. Gals Fumi, Kanna and Yuki, who have become elementary school students, gathered with only girls in the room and enjoyed talking about whatever. Their topic naturally became the stupid boys in their class. My Brother Kiku and Tora are the two cats that have come to the Kamohara family. Compared with Kiku, who is very tame, Bunji got to be in charge of Tora, since he is more troublesome. CGrandmother Friends Grandma is at the hospital, and her good friends Sakie and Iyo, started a very heartfelt conversation. That's right, the three of them are not "mom friends" but "grandmother friends."moreless
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