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Trauma Bunji and Fumi are in the bath when a the power goes out. Actually, Fumi hates dark and small places. When Bunji sees Fumi crying, he tells her that he will be right back after finding a flashlight and goes out looking for one... Grandma's Cell Phone Bunji still wants a cell phone and he gets to borrow one from Grandma. When he's playing around with it with Chi, Grandma's friend Sakie gives it a call... Reality Is Stranger Than Fiction When Mom runs out of ideas for her manga, she gets out to the streets and observes people. There are as many dramas as the number of people out there. Turning the Screws All of a sudden, Bunji starts to turn a lot of screws on lots of things with a screwdriver. He could turn out to be an engineer. That's what Dad and Mom hoped for, but...moreless
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