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Episode 131

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Otoshidama This year on New Year's day, the Kamohara house is very lively since Mom's brother has come up from Kochi with his family. Inside the house, the boys are getting excited over otoshidama while Fumi is standing... Screaming For the First Time Mom's brother and Dad have taken the children to the amusement park. But the two of them actually don't like roller coasters. They try to avoid getting into the machine, but... This Year Will Be a Bowl of Noodles a Day, Too Bored with the usual New Year's food, Mom and the family have come to a private room at a restaurant. But Bunji and his cousin couldn't wait for the courses so they played games and read manga. They just couldn't sit still. Adult? Child? Mom yells at Dad who is lying on the floor, saying that he's like a child. Dad uses those words and says that he's a child! And he's about to find out the limits of how much freedom he can have...moreless
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