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Stomach Mom is busy preparing for Bunji's birthday party. Bunji said that Ma, Chi, Daichi and the others will be coming. The usual friends have arrived, but for some reason the door bell keeps on ringing. Moms Bunji is reading manga in a convenience store when his classmate Louis, a foreigner, comes in. Louis gives him 1000 yen and says that it's his present so he can buy the manga. Daughter Fumi is going away to a winter camp for three days. This is the first time that Fumi will be away for so long and Mom is feeling uneasy. Meanwhile, Fumi... Maiden Club Grandma, Sakie and Iyo, the three good grandmother friends, are meeting to discuss the next round of reading material. Out of the blue the three of them decide to come up with ideas to name their club, but...moreless
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