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To Kyushu Mom and her family have gone to Kyushu for a family vacation. Dad takes them around and the first place they go is in Hakata to have the real Hakata ramen. "It's delicious!" While everyone is impressed, Dad has a slightly different response. In Nagasaki Even in Nagasaki, Mom and her family have gone to have champon and see Dejima. While they are enjoying the trip, when Mom turns around, her handbag is nowhere to be seen! Zashiki-warashi At Kagoshima, Mom and her family have decided to stay one night at an inn. At the inn, Bunji gets lost and he coincidentally meets a girl smaller than Fumi. He gets along with her and starts having fun, but... We're Back Going to Ibusuki's sand bath and enjoying the glass-making class. A lot has happened, but a family trip is really good. That's what they thought when they traveled back. At home, Grandma and Ai are waiting.moreless
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