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#1 Mom's Assistant, Ai, has coincidentally met a cool-looking man and fallen in love straight away. Not only that, she has met him twice and thought that it was a fateful encounter... #2 One day, Dad wakes up at home with just his pants on. He has a huge bump on his forehead. It looks like the night before he had too much to drink. But he doesn't remember what happened at all. When he tries to recall his faint memory... #3 At a friendship party, Bunji and his friends didn't bother to peel carrots as usual, put the whole lot of potatoes in, and their moms start to get worried. While glancing the other way, a girl in the same class gets scolded for... #4 On the road right in front of Mom's house, there is a child that is wiggling like a caterpillar. He is Fumi's classmate, when he plays the game rock-paper-scissors, he only uses scissors… In short, he’s “Scissors Jo.” The next day, he walks down the road with cardboard around him to be a cardboard robot.moreless
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